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Why runa

Unlock Digital Value

Runa is a digital infrastructure that enables people to pay and get paid by anyone, anywhere, instantly. 
Runa payouts platform on desktop view
Runa payouts platform on mobile view
Runa product dashboard enabling payouts to anyone, anywhere.

Runa’s API And Digital Value Infrastructure Provide The Tools To Build Embedded Payout, Reward & Incentive Experiences

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Organizations can instantly send digital value to customers wherever they are.

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Businesses can issue & distribute digital value to drive growth and engage customers.

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Users can store & instantly spend digital value anywhere on the Runa Network in 30+ countries.

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Merchants can accept any digital value at a checkout or POS integration.

Runa Offers Unparalleled Access To Payouts Recipients Love



Global brands and payout types


Hours saved


Global beneficiaries







Perfect Pricing For Your Program

The Runa pricing model lets you pay the face value of what you send, enabling you to scale your payouts at no extra cost and turn payouts into a risk-free revenue stream.

What Can Runa Do For You?

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Reach New Markets

Expand your global reach. Send payouts to 30+ countries in 18 currencies and 16+ languages.

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Offer Recipient Choice

Provide unprecedented flexibility. Recipients can redeem gift or prepaid cards, subscriptions, donations, cryptocurrencies & more.

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Pay Out Instantly

Save time and send payouts in bulk in real-time. Recipients can redeem instantaneously.

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Monetize Payouts

Turn payouts into revenue. Only pay for what you use with competitive discounts and no fees.

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Drive Efficiencies

Eliminate manual processes and avoid the complexities of banking systems. Send payouts to anyone, no bank or card details needed.

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Reduce Risks

Rely on bank-level security, industry-leading uptime, and full transparency of payouts.

Build Amazing Payout Experiences In Any Application

  • One API for global reach
  • 1 hour - 1 day onboarding time
  • Sandbox testing environment
  • RESTful & lightweight
  • Succinct documentation
  • Robust security
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