How Consumers Leverage Loyalty Programs in Inflationary Times

Inflation is the highest it’s been in decades, altering consumer spending behavior and shaping how they both view and use rewards and loyalty programs. In this report, we share data that explores how consumers’ evolving attitudes impact leading loyalty, cashout, and points platforms.


A Renewed Importance in Today’s Economy

For loyalty and rewards programs looking to remain competitive in a crowded industry, showing up not just to meet, but to exceed consumer expectations will differentiate organizations that thrive from those that just survive.

Learn what your users are looking for in their loyalty and reward experiences, including: 

  • How economic conditions are directly impacting consumers' participation in loyalty and reward programs 
  • Satisfaction rates with consumers among their current loyalty and rewards programs
  • Consumer preferences related to reward types and the ease of redemption
  • Future trends for consumer participation in loyalty and rewards programs

“Consumers view their use of reward payouts as strategic and practical. They earn them and use them in places where they’re spending most frequently. All this means that it’s critical for programs to make it easy for consumers to earn and use their rewards in their daily spending.”