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The Benefits of Virtual Visa Prepaid Cards

The Benefits of Virtual Visa Prepaid Cards

Whether you’re looking to launch a small employee gift program or a larger-scale incentive or total rewards program, bulk Visa prepaid cards make the perfect gift choice in more ways than one. The popularity and versatility of these cards make them a highly desirable reward option for both employees and customers, as they can be used anywhere a visa is accepted.

Virtual Visa prepaid cards the ideal choice of reward

Rewarding the people you care about with the gifts they want to receive makes good business sense. Virtual Visa prepaid cards are an ideal reward choice for many reasons: 

  • Convenient  A Visa Prepaid Card offers your customers and employees a versatile reward option that can be redeemed anywhere.. Whether they're paying bills, shopping online, or buying gas, they will have the ability to use the card wherever Visa is accepted. 
  • FlexibleWhat better reward than an eGift card that allows recipients to choose from multiple international retailers? When it comes to flexibility and choice, the virtual Visa prepaid card is the ultimate gift solution.
  • Secure and practicalWhatever your recipient’s taste or style, they’re sure to find what they’re after with the highly practical Visa prepaid card. Further, unlike cash and physical gift cards, eGift cards can’t be lost or stolen, making 
    them a highly secure gift choice.

How do virtual Visa prepaid cards work?

Virtual Visa prepaid cards can generally be used wherever Visa is accepted. This includes online, mail orders, phone purchases, and in-store purchases via a digital wallet. Here’s how WeGift Visa Prepaid Cards work:

  • The card’s value is determined by the issuer at the time of purchase. Once the purchase has been finalized, the card is digitally sent to its recipient, who accesses it through a secure hyperlink.
  • Each time a purchase is made, the value is deducted from the card’s balance until no further balance remains. The recipient can access the remaining balance and purchase details at any time via the online portal.
  • Virtual Visa prepaid cards are issued in USD and CAD currencies for easy use within these countries. 

The easy way to buy online gift cards

At WeGift, we’ve made it easier than ever to buy online gift cards such as virtual Visa prepaid cards — with just a few simple clicks, you can order and send eGift cards to recipients worldwide. Our intuitive, user-friendly platform not only saves you time in manually buying gift cards, but it also saves you the activation fees that often go with store-bought gift cards.

How does it work? It’s simple. After logging into our secure platform and adding funds to your account, select the desired values, quantities, and denominations. Next, choose how you wish to send your rewards, and place your order — the cards will be emailed to your recipients within seconds!

The great part? You enjoy the same simple process whether you’re sending one or thousands of eGift cards.

Easy ordering and fast delivery

Businesses looking for a convenient, simple and fast way to distribute rewards and incentives enjoy the many benefits that WeGift has to offer, including:

  • Easy ordering process — With our dynamic, user-friendly gift card platform, ordering and sending virtual Visa prepaid cards is easy. No matter the volume of cards to be ordered and sent, the process can be completed within a few clicks.
  • Ultra fast deliveryOnce your order is confirmed, your Visa prepaid cards will be sent to your recipient's inbox within seconds. Looking for a more personalized experience? With customized messaging, you can deliver just that! 
  • Option to scale Looking to start small with the option to scale? No problem. No matter the size of your business or gift card program, ordering and sending Visa prepaid cards is made simple with WeGift.

Send Visa prepaid cards in bulk with WeGift's API 

Thanks to our dynamic, reliable gift card API, ordering and sending bulk virtual Visa prepaid cards is now simpler than ever. With one convenient and centralized platform managing your gift card program, you’ll soon be spending less valuable resources on sourcing and distributing rewards and more on what matters most to your business.

With a single API, you’ll enjoy the advantage of:

  • Easy integration process — Connecting your system to our API is a seamless experience.
  • Full-feature portal — Quickly and easily choose how to distribute your cards, access reports, and more. 
  • Customized experience  Enjoy a variety of personalization options for your eGift Cards, including customized messaging. 

Get started with virtual Visa prepaid cards today 

Are you ready to impress the people you care about with the gifts you know they’ll love? At WeGift, our convenient plug-and-play solution makes sending virtual Visa prepaid cards at scale easier than ever. 

Whether launching a large-scale rewards program, incentivizing a small team, or something in between, you and your recipients will love the convenience and flexibility of the virtual Visa prepaid card from WeGift. 

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading businesses and service providers implement and manage successful gift card programs. Keen to see for yourself how we can revolutionize rewards and incentives for your business? Arrange a free demo with our friendly team today!