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Charitable Donations

Payouts That
Pay Back

Enable recipients to easily and automatically donate to a charity of their choice. 
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Payout type donations allows customers to select their favorite charity
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Remove the Blockers to Charitable Donations

Automate donations and streamline the process.

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Donate In Any Country or Currency

Direct connections to international charities and forex capabilities.

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Let Recipients Choose A Charity

Users can donate part or all of a balance to their preferred charity.

Join The World’s Leading Businesses Using the Runa API to Power Charitable Donations

Program Cashout

Easily embed donations into your user experience and let users convert points into charitable donations for a cause they care about.

Mobile experience of how to use Runa for program cashout


Offer gifts that feel good. Impress recipients with a gift that is more meaningful than money and let them donate to the charity of their choice.

Mobile experience of how to use Runa's API for gifting and donations

Rewards & Recognition

Motivate teams with the chance to donate rewards to causes that matter. Seamlessly embed charitable donations into HR systems.

Use Runa's API for rewards and recognition

Incentives & Rebates

Cater to your more conscious customers with incentives they can donate seamlessly to their charity of choice.

Use Runa's API for incentives and rebates

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