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Increase Gift Card Sales

Plug-in your gift card program and scale across the Runa Network.
Runa helps businesses scale their gift card program

Tap Into New Customer Segments

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Control your brand experience

Customize program features including customers, discounts, tiering, amounts & restrictions.

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Integrate once and scale across partners

Distribute through Runa’s partners including gift card aggregators, publishers and catalogs.

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Build deep program insights

Review real-time reporting, analyze purchase behavior, and identify key trends to increase spend.

Get Started In A Few Simple Steps

  • We send you a contract
  • We integrate with your system
  • We run a quick test
  • Go live
  • Check the dashboard to get useful insights about customers and performance

Get useful insights about customers and performance for your gift card sales

Features To Grow Your Sales Globally

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Partner Portal

Issue cards and access all your data from a central dashboard.

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Automated Operations

Reduce manual work with automated operations for approvals, billing & invoicing.

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Risk & Compliance Management

Advanced levels of security, fraud and risk management

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Account Management

Day-to-day resources to help you optimize and scale your program.

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Program Promotion

Get your program highlighted throughout Runa’s customer communications to increase sales.

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Approvals & Control

Take full control of your brand. Review and approve how and where your gift cards are sold.

The World’s Leading Brands Partner
With Runa To Scale And Optimize
Their Gift Card Programs

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M&S sees 245% increase YoY in gift card revenue after partnering with Runa

"With Runa we have seen continued growth and really impressive results for gift card sales. We’ve reached new customers and made it easier for them to order from us."

William Wilford
B2B Customer Success Manager

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