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Sustainable payouts

Payouts With A Positive Impact

Send eco-rewards, incentives, and payouts for causes your users care about.
Runa provides eco-friendly payout options
Increase Engagement

Keep users engaged with causes they care about.

Support Sustainability

Offer rewards to be redeemed for an environmental impact.

Offer Global Options

International options & pay in your preferred currency with Runa FX.

Eco-friendly Options For
A Positive Environmental Impact

Carbon Offset

Plant Trees

Protect Habitats

Clean Up Environments

Conservation Work

Species Protection

Join Leading Global Businesses Using Runa To Offer Eco-Friendly Payouts 

Loyalty Cashout

88% would be more loyal to a company who gives back. Empower your audiences to redeem earned points for causes they care about.

Runa provides eco-friendly payout options

Rewards & Recognition

Drive sustainability in the workplace. Offer rewards and recognition that deliver a positive impact for people and the planet.

Use Runa's API for rewards and recognition

Corporate Gifting

Offer feel-good gifts. Impress recipients with a gift that is more meaningful money and empower them to deliver a positive impact.

Meaningful sustainable gifts for recipients

Incentives & Rebates

89% would rather buy from a company supporting causes they care about. Cater to your conscious customers with eco-friendly rewards.

Use Runa's API for incentives and rebates

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