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Runa Send

Payouts To Anyone, Anywhere

Unlock international markets and earn revenue from payouts, rewards and incentives.
Send payouts rewards and incentives to anyone, anywhere
Send payouts rewards and incentives to anyone, anywhere
Expand Global Reach

Reach more than 1 billion consumers in over 30 countries. No bank account details needed.

Offer Recipient Choice

Gift cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies, subscriptions, donations and more.

Bulk Payouts Made Easy

Send to 1 or 1,000 recipients anywhere, instantly with no extra work for your teams.

Digital Value Exchange

Our ledger-based infrastructure enables the instant conversion and exchange of digital value.

The Runa Network

Instant payouts in bulk using any payout type.

4000 +

payout types


countries to
send to


currencies to
choose from

190 +

countries to
fund from

How It Works

Automate payouts with Runa’s API or send from the Runa Portal. 
Automate payouts with Runa's API

Integrate the
Runa API

  • One API for global reach
  • 1 hour – 1 day onboarding time
  • Succinct documentation
Send mass payouts with Runa's Portal

Use the Runa Portal,
no code required

  • Instant access
  • No lengthy setup
  • Access to the full network and features

Why Runa?

Global Reach

30+ countries, 20 currencies, and 16 languages.

Recipient Choice

Let recipients choose their preferred payout.

Mass Send

Send unlimited payouts to multiple recipients instantly.


Fund in one currency, disburse in another.


No set-up costs. Only pay for what you use.

Advanced Security

Bank-level security, fraud protection and regulatory compliance.


Real-time, data-rich reporting so you can optimize programs.

White Label

Integrate seamlessly with your brand and user experience.

Leading Businesses Use The Runa Send API To Power Payouts, Incentives and Rewards

Vodafone sees a 95% improvement in campaign launch and management, saving time and resources

“Runa has unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone. It is exactly what we look for in a technology.”

Adam Clisby
Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Vodafone

Sodexo saw a 64% increase in load value of gift card purchase

“The API’s setup was made easy through clear and concise documentation – a rarity in this space. The team was astonished at how quick it was to get everything set up.”

James Bancroft

Digital Gift Card Platform Development Manager, Sodexo

VoucherCodes saved 1,000 hours of manual work per year and saw customer satisfaction rise to 90%

“Runa was exactly what we were looking for. It made our lives much easier and enabled us to generate significant new revenue.”

Angus Drummond

Growth Partnerships Director, VoucherCodes

Ensure Payouts Land Quickly
And Securely

Tailor Your Payouts

Customize your payouts, embed directly into your UX, determine discounts and turn payouts into a revenue stream.

Rely On Runa

Industry-leading uptime ensures your customers have the best possible experience.

Access Support

Global support across time zones, so help is always available for you and your users.

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