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Bulk Gift Cards In Foreign Currencies - A Flexible Gift for Your Globally Distributed Teams or Clients

Bulk Gift Cards In Foreign Currencies - A Flexible Gift for Your Globally Distributed Teams or Clients

What do successful Employee and Customer Reward programs have in common?

Digital gift cards are an increasingly popular reward choice for businesses looking to implement successful customer or employee incentive and reward programs — and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike other reward choices, digital gift cards offer businesses and recipients unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and choice. 

With the help of modern digital gift card platforms such as Runa, sending bulk gift cards at scale has never been easier — even to international recipients. Thanks to the availability of gift cards in foreign currencies, rewarding customers and teams globally is now easier than ever.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the ins and outs of buying and sending bulk gift cards in foreign currencies and explain why choosing a digital gift card platform with a global reach is good for business. Let’s get started!

Foreign currency gift card solutions for your business 

No matter your reason for sending digital gift cards globally, you’re bound to find the ideal bulk gift card solution for your business from our huge network of digital incentives. Among other things, country-specific digital gift cards are ideal for the following: 

  • Rewarding, incentivizing, and engaging global teams
  • Acquiring new global customers
  • Rewarding existing loyal customers
  • Win-back campaigns and upgrade bonuses

By sending digital gift cards to your recipients in their own currency, you’re guaranteeing that the gift can be used locally and also ensuring that they won’t be liable for any currency conversion fees or issues. What better choice of gift for valued international recipients?

Which foreign currencies are digital gift cards available in?

With Runa, digital gift cards are available in 18 currencies for use in 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Sweden. With us, you and your recipients gain access to a market-leading catalog of over 1,300 gift card brands, including the hugely popular Amazon gift card, which can be purchased in a range of foreign currencies. 

Whether you’re after digital gift cards in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, gift cards in the Euro, gift cards in Pounds, gift cards usable in Australia and New Zealand — or something else entirely — you’re sure to find what you need in our global catalog.

How do bulk gift cards in foreign currencies work?

For businesses, ordering and sending bulk gift cards in foreign currencies is a simple process — our reliable gift card API gives you access to a huge catalog of international brands. This means that wherever your recipients are located worldwide, they can quickly and easily choose from various gift cards in their home currency and region. 

The great part? Once they’ve received their gift card, your recipients can redeem it for purchases within their region without being subject to any foreign transaction fees. This is one of the reasons that digital gift cards are such a popular choice of reward for international recipients. 

Why use digital gift cards for international rewards and incentives?

Most of us love being given the power of choice when it comes to gifts. Digital gift cards offer your recipients the ultimate world of choice. Having the ability to choose their ideal reward from a catalog of leading international brands is not only a great reward — it’s a powerful incentive that will help motivate and incentivize your teams and customers, which will lead to better business outcomes for you.

Along with receiving a reward they actually want (and get to choose themselves), your international recipients won’t be left with the fees and headaches they may be subject to with a local gift card in US dollars. No matter where your recipients are located globally, a digital gift card provides them with the ultimate reward — while providing your business with a simple solution for recognizing and rewarding the people that matter most. What’s not to love?

Rewarding international bases with ease 

Gone are the days of manually sourcing multiple rewards for multiple recipients worldwide. Thanks to the availability of gift cards in foreign currencies, you can now conveniently send rewards globally with just a few simple clicks. With us, there’s no need to maintain multiple platforms and merchants to gain access to an extensive range of digital gift cards. With Runa powering your international reward and incentive programs, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Hours saved in logistics and communications across global teams and customer bases.
  • The same simple, no-fuss process, regardless of the number of rewards sent.
  • No need for packaging, shipping, or tracking, and no risk of your gifts being lost or stolen in transit.
  • The ability to purchase the exact amount of bulk gift cards needed for your international recipients.

How do I order bulk gift cards in foreign currencies?

Although there are several ways to order gift cards in foreign currencies, ordering from a leading gift card platform such as Runa makes the most sense for both businesses and recipients alike. 

Manually sourcing physical gift cards directly from a retailer takes considerable time and effort and removes the freedom and choice of ordering from a large global catalog of digital gift cards. Further, online gift card portals may seem convenient, but they’re not always a reliable or feasible option for corporate gifting programs. 

A reputable digital gift card platform will offer its users an unparalleled level of flexibility and choice when it comes to ordering bulk gift cards in foreign currencies. By giving your recipients access to multiple global brands in one platform, you truly provide them with the ultimate gift of choice.

Why choose Runa for sending bulk gift cards globally?

To successfully manage a global incentive and reward program, you need a digital gift card platform that’s not only reliable, but that simplifies the ordering and sending process from start to finish. At Runa, our platform has robust features and tools designed to streamline your bulk gift card programs and ensure a smooth process, from integration to implementation and beyond. Our features include: 

  • Easy to use interface — Runa is easy to use, requires minimal training, and needs no expensive in-house developer services. After installation, all you need to get started sending bulk gift cards in foreign currencies are your recipients’ email addresses and a credit card!
  • High-level customer service — Our friendly, expert team is always available to assist. Along with answering your queries, we can provide individual support as and when needed.
  • Ultra-fast process and delivery — Not only do you enjoy a fast and easy implementation process, but your recipients also enjoy instant delivery of their digital rewards. With us, there’s no need for manual processing or packaging and no long delivery times. 
  • Easy tracking and reporting — View gift card utilization rates, user preferences, and a host of other useful information via the one convenient dashboard. Quickly and easily identify how your gift card programs are performing and any areas for improvement. 

Send bulk gift cards at scale with a single gift card API

Wondering how we make sending bulk gift cards in foreign currencies at scale so easy? It’s all thanks to a single, intuitive gift card API. Our API gives users access to a huge range of country-specific digital gift cards, making it easier than ever for businesses to distribute rewards to global recipients.

The process is simple — on joining Runa, connect the gift card interface to your business’ internal systems. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Once done, you’ll be on your way to ordering and sending bulk gift cards worldwide with ultimate ease. The great part? All gift card data is managed by our API, meaning fewer headaches for you and more time to spend on your business. 

With our single yet powerful API, your business will benefit from:

  • No-fuss integration — Quickly and easily connect your business to the API via a single, developer-friendly API integration.
  • Full-feature portal — Choose how to send your foreign currency gift cards, download all URLs in a matter of seconds, and access reports via the portal. 
  • High-level personalization — Deliver a personalized experience to your recipients by selecting from a range of customization options, including order descriptions, email templates, delivery formats, and more!

Bulk gift cards in foreign currencies are made easy with Runa

With Runa, sending bulk gift cards to international recipients is fast and simple. No matter the size of your global base, you’re bound to find the perfect solution for your business with our leading digital gift card platform. The best part? Whether you’re sending one or one thousand gift cards, you enjoy the same convenient process, and we scale effortlessly to meet your business's evolving needs. 

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading businesses and service providers launch successful global reward programs. Keen to learn more about how we can help you send international bulk gift cards at scale? Get in touch to request a free demo with us today!