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Gear Up for a Stellar End of Year

Gear Up for a Stellar End of Year

We know that the end of the year can be an extremely busy time. We anticipate a surge in activity during Q4. In fact, we’ve observed a 50% increase in orders during this time. 

We are here to support you during this peak period. Check out our top tips to help you optimize your ordering experience with Runa. 


1. Share Your Forecasts With Your Runa Team

Are you planning to place a large order in Q4? Please inform your Account Manager or contact ​​ in advance. This step will help us mitigate any service interruptions. 


2. Top Up Your Balances in Plenty of Time  

Please remember that topping up your balances can take up to three business days. To avoid any order issues, ensure you have sufficient funds in your balance. You can set up automated notifications for low balances by going to your ‘Account Setting’ and clicking ‘Notification Preferences’.


3. Convert Currencies Instantly, 24/7 with Runa FX

We support 24/7 instant currency exchange, even on weekends, so you can quickly convert and pay 20+ different currencies.


4. Keep an Eye Out for Merchant Updates

We’re constantly expanding the Runa Network with new merchants, payout types, and countries to bring you more choices and flexibility. Stay up to date through the Runa Network changelog.


The Runa team is available to answer any questions you may have. To provide you with extra support, from Saturday 25th November - 26th December will be monitored over the weekend. 

Wishing you a successful Q4!