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How to personalize rewards, incentives, and payouts with Runa

How to personalize rewards, incentives, and payouts with Runa

Every interaction with your users represents an opportunity to reinforce your brand's strength. This includes the crucial moments when you send rewards, incentives, payouts, or any other financial transaction. Customizing your user experience enhances your company image and fosters a deeper sense of loyalty and trust, turning every transaction into an opportunity for brand reinforcement.

“One-size-fits-all” templates can restrict your ability to craft your desired user experience. Due to static sender names and inconsistent branding, recipients may be unsure of the payout's origin. The limitations of standardized templates can lead to a generic and impersonal recipient experience, potentially weakening your brand's connection with its audience and diminishing the impact of your payouts.

That's why we've made it possible for you to create the precise user experience you envision and elevate your brand in the process.

Introducing customization capabilities

With Runa's customization capabilities, we provide the tools necessary for you to customize your payout emails and the user redemption experience  when utilizing the Runa API:

  • Incorporate your logo and brand colors into payout emails and the redemption experience to immediately catch the recipient's eye, making every email a reflection of your brand's identity.
  • Add personalized messages to make each email feel tailor-made. Editing sender names to something recognizable can drastically reduce the chances of your emails being overlooked.
  • Create numerous templates for easy reuse in the future, allowing for consistent branding across all types of payouts.


Create the experience you want without the heavy workload

Our customization capabilities empower you to control and enhance the user experience while we ensure that your payouts are processed swiftly and securely. 

  • Runa delivers reliable and secure payouts, ensuring smooth transactions that build trust and reliability in your brand's promise.
  • Manage payouts effortlessly with options for easy cancellations and refunds, enhancing both the sender and recipient's experience.
  • Track redemption data such as usage and geography to gain insights into your payouts.


Elevating your brand throughout payout experiences improves user experiences 

A branded and personalized approach to payouts strengthens the recipient's connection to your brand and makes your company more memorable.

  • Positive reinforcement: Receiving payouts, rewards, and incentives is inherently positive. Associating your brand with this positive experience creates a subconscious link that strengthens customer loyalty.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Generic payout emails can easily be lost in the inbox. A branded experience helps you stand out.


Create your first payout template

Start enhancing your payout experience today by creating your first custom template with Runa. Elevate every payout into an opportunity to strengthen your brand and deepen your connection with recipients, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting, positive impression.

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