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Introducing the New & Improved Brand Approval Process for Customers

Introducing the New & Improved Brand Approval Process for Customers

Streamlining Product Access on the Runa Network with a new and improved Brand Approval Process

With an optimized process, Runa enables faster access to brands, quicker decisioning and smoother approval requests for customers.  

From your feedback, we understand that you find it challenging to get merchant approval to access new products or brands. The industry standard is typically a slow and manual process taking up to a year in some cases. We are on a mission to change this and to set a new standard for merchants and customers to interact.  

We are constantly growing our network, adding new products, payout types and gift cards across countries and categories. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access them.

Introducing new Brand Approvals: Simplifying and Automating the Process

To address these challenges, we have been working hard to enable a new and improved Brand Approval process, making it easier and quicker than ever for you to be able to get access to our growing network of gift card and payout options.

You will notice a streamlined process, fewer forms to fill out and real-time updates on approval status. We've eliminated the arduous task of submitting multiple requests and waiting for approvals.  

So what has changed? 

  • With our new brand approval engine, you can be auto-approved for 90% of brands on our network based on the information we have already in our system. 
  • Some brands will require further information but anything you share will be saved to make subsequent approvals a much quicker process. 
  • You only need to fill a form once, and as we add more products to our network, we will automatically add them to your catalogue if you qualify for the product. 
  • When you are approved for a product, you will immediately have access to it and can start using it right away.
  • You also have the opportunity to check the approval status in real time. 

Seamless Access to Expanding Product Range

Runa's vision is to alleviate the hassles and manual work involved in requesting access to products on the network and for brands to approve customer usage. With an ever-growing product range, we want to enable customers to gain instant access to new offerings effortlessly.