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Bulk Gift Cards Made Easy

Need to thank your employees? Incentivize survey responses? Move customers through the marketing funnel? Runa makes it easy to send gift cards in bulk from thousands of brands with just the click of a button.

  • Easy to buy and send
  • Instantaneous delivery
  • 2000+ brands in 30 countries
Nike bulk gift cards
Apple bulk gift cards

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Helping You Solve Your Biggest Pain Points

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Easy Ordering

Switch from manually buying to purchasing thousands of digital gift cards in just seconds though an easy-to-use platform.

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Instant Delivery

Don’t leave recipients waiting. No matter whether you’re sending one gift card or a million, they will be delivered instantly.

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Personalized Rewards

No need to guess the rewards recipients want, let them choose the brands they love from a market-leading catalog.

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Real-Time Reporting

Start tracking and reporting on egift card deliveries and get tangible insights to improve your offering.

Easy Ordering

Buy Gift Cards With The Click Of A Button

Stop running to the shop to buy physical gift cards off the rack. Start buying gift cards in bulk in just seconds with the click of a button on an easy-to-use platform.

Whether you're buying 100 gift cards or 1 million, Runa can help. Buy the gift cards you need and send them instantly.

Key benefits:

  • Easy ordering
  • Intuitive platform
  • Buy gift cards in bulk instantly
Buy Gift Cards In Bulk With The Click Of A Button

Instant Delivery

Send Bulk Gift Cards Instantly

Whether you need gift cards for marketing promotions, employee holiday gifts, or any other payout – Runa helps you save time and send gift cards instantly.

International team? No problem. Our gift card platform allows you to send egift cards in bulk in seconds globally, to 30 countries and in 20 currencies.

Key benefits:

  • Instant delivery
  • Great customer experience
  • 30 countries and 20 currencies
Send Bulk Gift Cards Instantly With Runa

Personalized Rewards

Delight Your Recipients With Choice & Flexibility

Choosing gifts is difficult. Why not let your recipients decide for themselves? The Runa Payout Link gives recipients the flexibility to choose from more than 2,000 brands, including Amazon, Home Depot, DoorDash, and Best Buy.

And it's easy. Purchase one gift card link offering all our brands to recipients and let them choose what they really want. They can even spread the value across multiple reward cards.

Key benefits:

  • Let your recipients choose from 2,000+ brands
  • Delight them with a personalized experience
  • Spread the reward value across multiple gift cards
Delight Your Recipients With Choice & Flexibility With Runa

Full-Feature Platform

Send Bulk Gift Cards Through The Channel Of Your Choice

Choose how you want to send gift cards to your recipients with our powerful API; download the gift card URLs from the platform or send the gift cards via email using Runa's intuitive email delivery feature.

Runa's admin portal makes sending bulk gift cards as easy as email. We give you access to the gift card links and CSV files all in one place.

Key benefits:

  • Customize the redemption template
  • Multiple delivery options for egift cards
  • Access gift card URLs of send via email
Send Bulk Gift Cards Through The Channel Of Your Choice With Runa

Easy Reporting

See When Gift Cards Are Received & Redeemed

Access raw customer data, customer insights, and real-time reporting in a single portal when sending gift cards in bulk.

See whether recipients have used their gift cards, view purchase history and remaining gift card balance, and get insights into when they first opened and used them.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Easily track gift card redemption
  • Access customer and employee insights
See When Gift Cards Are Received & Redeemed With Runa
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Runa vs. Others

We don't cut corners when it comes to functionality and flexibility.

Allow recipient to select brands

tick-mark-icon Yes

cross-icon No

Minimum order

tick-mark-icon No minimums

cross-icon Yes

Brand selection

tick-mark-icon 2,000+ available*

cross-icon Limited

Automation and API

tick-mark-icon Yes*

cross-icon No

Direct partnership with brands

tick-mark-icon Yes

cross-icon No

*Only available on specific plans

Runa Drive has unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone. It is exactly what we look for in a technology.

Cai Mullins
Head of Affiliate Partnerships, Vodafone

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to bulk order gift cards?

There are two main ways of buying gift cards in bulk. You can either buy them directly from the retailer or through a platform with direct integration with the brand.

Purchasing bulk gift cards via a platform is usually easier and more beneficial. The main benefits of using platforms are: 

  • A more user-friendly interface
  • Access multiple brands in one platform
  • Tracking and reporting on gift card redemption

More information on how to buy bulk gift cards can be found here.

Key benefits of ordering gift cards in bulk?

The main benefits are:

  • Time-saving - Buying gift cards in bulk is generally much faster than buying individually. This can save your team hundreds or even thousands of hours of operational work whether you’re administering a single campaign with many recipients, or an ongoing, automated campaign where you add recipients over time.
  • Avoid activation fees - Ordering cards in bulk allows you to avoid the activation fees that come along with buying small quantities of cards through retail. These fees can significantly impact your campaign budget and diminish the returns from your gifting initiatives.
  • Easy ordering - Getting gift cards in bulk allows your company to easily order and process payments through your regular accounting system. This simplifies tracking and analysis of your costs and campaign ROI. Buying a small number of cards through a retailer or as physical gift cards often means putting them on a corporate credit card or an expense report, which creates more work for your finance team in the long run.

More information on the benefits of buying bulk gift cards can be found here.

Can you get discounts on bulk gift cards?

Yes, depending on how you purchase them. If the gift card is bought directly from the retailer, there is usually no discount. Companies that purchase large amounts of gift cards typically get discounts directly from the brands based on volume. 

At WeGift, we have two options when ordering gift cards in bulk. The first is to create a free account and start buying gift cards today (without discounts). If you need any help, our customer service team is on standby! The second option is to use our professional product. Our pro offering has full functionality and includes access to our discounted gift card catalog. To contact our experts and learn more, click here.

How can I bulk buy Amazon gift cards?

You can buy bulk Amazon gift cards through Amazon’s website or through a solution that has Amazon in their brand catalog.

With WeGift you can buy Amazon gift cards in bulk in multiple currencies and in just a few seconds.

More information on how to buy bulk Amazon gift cards can be found on this page.

What is the best gift card to purchase in bulk?

It depends on what your customers want to receive. After all, they get to spend it, right? 😉 Here are a couple of ideas on what gift cards to give your employee or customers. 

We believe the best gift card service doesn't make you choose for your recipients – it lets them choose for themselves, and that’s why we have a product that does just that. With Select Links, your recipients have access to a virtual gift card mall, where they choose where they want to spend the value.

Can I buy Visa gift cards in bulk?

Yes, you can! You can buy them directly with Visa or in WeGift’s portal. We are happy to announce that we now offer our customers access to a Visa gift card through our platform. For more information on how to get started, contact our experts here.

Is there a limit on buying gift cards in bulk?

No, the sky is the limit when buying digital gift cards in bulk (a plastic gift card is a bit more difficult)! With the WeGift platform, you can buy from one gift card to a million instantly.

What do I need to place a bulk gift card order?

It’s quick and easy! We have different options depending on your needs and how many gift cards you want to send in bulk. To access our pricing page, click here.