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Azteco makes bitcoin accessible for anyone, anywhere with Runa

Azteco decided to partner with Runa as the best partner to grow with.

Azteco Case Study | Runa

The Company

Azteco are on a mission to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to use bitcoin every day. Azteco bitcoin vouchers are available in small amounts and work just like traditional gift cards. They can be redeemed for bitcoin in less than a minute and there's no need to create any new accounts. Once a customer has redeemed their Azteco voucher, the bitcoin is theirs to spend right away, send to family and friends, or save for the future.

The Challenge

Driving bitcoin usage and diversifying use cases is crucial to Azteco’s success. They were looking for a partner that would help them distribute and scale across new use cases. The team did not want to integrate with multiple providers so it was important to them to find one partner that could help them to reach as many business customers as possible.

The Solution

Azteco decided to partner with Runa, seeing the company as the best partner to grow with. Unlike other companies, Runa does not charge an integration fee or a monthly fee but rather offers opportunities for joint growth and success. Azteco were also impressed with the smooth integration process with Runa.