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Coincards uses Runa FX to expand their global offering

With Runa and Runa FX, Coincards can enter new markets that they previously could not.

Coincards uses Runa FX to expand their global offering
About Coincards

Coincards is a leading gift card marketplace in the cryptocurrency industry. Their mission is to enable cryptocurrency holders and earners to use their digital assets for everyday purchases at retailers who don't yet accept cryptocurrencies. 

How do Coincards use Runa

Coincard’s goal is to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and traditional retail. Coincards uses Runa to convert cryptocurrencies into gift cards for the most popular retailers, providing a seamless and convenient way for users to spend their cryptocurrencies.



into new markets


manual work hours


user experience


currency exchange

The Challenge

With an ambition to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to access and use cryptocurrencies, Coincards were looking for a partner through which could power their offering globally. Coincards found multiple providers that offered a range of gift card options but what they really needed was more than that. They wanted to find the best global network and also flexible, easy funds management with the ability to spend in multiple currencies in a way they could not with their traditional banking system. 

Two requirements were critical to their search: 

  • A large, varied, global network of gift cards and payout types their users would be excited about 
  • The ability to operate in multiple different countries and currencies.

The team did not want to waste time on complex integrations and managing multiple accounts. Converting currencies with an FX provider and moving funds between bank accounts can be a complex, time-consuming process. They were looking for a single solution to fulfill their needs.   

"Our experience of working with Runa has been exceptional. Their extensive network, prompt customer service, and seamless user experience, coupled with their innovative solutions like Runa FX, have significantly enhanced our gift card offering and overall satisfaction"

Mike Olthoff | Founder & CEO, CoinCards

The Solution

Runa FX

It was critical to Coincards to find a partner that would empower them to operate on a global level. With immediate exchange for 13 currencies directly in the platform, Runa FX was the perfect solution to the limitations they had faced from the traditional banking system for maintaining several currencies and the costly, complex process of converting currencies with other providers.  

With Runa FX, Coincards are able to quickly, conveniently exchange currencies directly on the platform, with funds then available to spend immediately on the Runa Network. Anyone in the team can instantly access currency exchange in their account - they simply choose the currency they want to exchange from and to, review the live rate that Runa provides, accept and convert. These new currency funds are then available to spend immediately. This means the team has been able to avoid the manual work, errors and risks of exchanging and managing currencies, saving hundreds of hours of work.

With currencies exchanged, Coincards were able to pay in their preferred currency on the Runa Network, which enabled them to expand their service and improve their customer experience.  

The Results

Working with Runa has had a significant impact on their business, empowering them to expand their gift card offering with an extensive catalog, provide quick customer service turnaround times, and deliver a seamless user experience. What really impressed Coincards were the easy-to-implement API and straightforward UI, which made the integration into their marketplace seamless. Thanks to Runa FX, Coincards have been able to expand into markets they previously couldn’t, increase their global audience and improve their user experience. 

It has been instrumental in enhancing their operations and customer satisfaction, contributing to their overall growth and success in serving cryptocurrency holders.

  • Coincards have entered markets they previously could not
  • Faster, cheaper & more convenient currency exchange
  • Reduced manual work hours for currency exchange
  • Improved user experience driving increased loyalty