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Coincards uses Runa FX to expand their global offering

With Runa, Coincards has found a partner that supports their global business.

Coincards Case Study | Runa

The Company

Coincards is a leading gift card marketplace in the cryptocurrency industry. Their mission is to enable cryptocurrency holders and earners to use their digital assets for everyday purchases at retailers who don't yet accept cryptocurrencies. By converting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into gift cards for popular retailers, Coincards provide a seamless and convenient way for users to spend their crypto. 

The Challenge

Coincards were looking for a partner through which they could expand their service and to offer a broader range of gift card and payout options globally. Additionally, Coincards wanted to find a partner that would make it easy to operate in different currencies and reach users internationally.

The Solution

With Runa, Coincards found a partner that would support their global business. By using Runa FX, Coincards can effortlessly change currencies and expand into markets which they were limited in due to issues they faced with international remittances. For Coincards, Runa FX service solves the challenge of maintaining several balances in several different currencies, as well as the lack of support from the banking system for sending those currencies. Runa FX has enabled expansion into several markets, and growth in our customer base and offerings.