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Each Person Finds A Partner They Can Collaborate With As They Scale Internationally

Each Person offers impactful Rewards & Recognition at a global scale.

Each Person Case Study | Runa
About Each Person

Founded in 2015 as an employee Rewards & Recognition company, Each Person is committed to providing employees with the ultimate ‘feel good’ package, offering benefits for their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Additionally, Each Person is one of their few recognition companies with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

The company has grown significantly and now powers impactful Rewards & Recognition for leading companies across a range of industries. 



in 8 countries

5,500 giftcards

redeemed in 6 months


integration and go live

The Challenge

As Each Person and their customer base grew, it was important to them to find a partner that would enable them to maintain the established high quality of meaningful reward options, wherever the recipients were. To continue to learn about what was working, the team wanted to make sure that they could access data and insights around orders. As order volumes increased, the team were not only looking for a reliable, technology solution that would enable them to ensure a great customer experience, as they scaled they were looking for a solution that would not require a lot of manual work to maintain.

“I love using Runa! It is very easy to navigate and complete the tasks you need to do. For example, topping up the balance for your customers to purchase from is really quick and clear, in a few clicks you can request the amount you need, in what currency, and produce the payment invoice in a couple of clicks.”

Becki Hill | Customer Success Manager, Each Person

Runa’s Solution

Each Person were impressed with the wide variety of reward options available through the Runa Network and the fact that they were available in a range of different countries, especially important as Each Person continued to work with customers globally. This enabled them to offer choice to their users which is so critical for delighting their customers.

Leveraging the Runa API with their ecard feature, the team were able to get up and running quickly and loved having a dedicated member of the Runa team to help them launch and collaborate with them as they grow. Since launching, the Each Person team have found that Runa makes it easy for them to manage their account including topping up their balances in multiple countries, generating invoices in seconds and accessing reporting and data.

With Runa, Each Person have found a technology partner that scales with them. They can rely on the platform to handle high volumes quickly.

Success In Numbers
  • Each Person are working with Runa to power rewards in 8 different countries.
  • Within the first 6 months of collaboration, Each Person customers redeemed over 5,500 gift cards.
  • With Runa, the Each Person team are able to order gift cards in just seconds, rather than searching for hours or days, saving time for other tasks.

“Our customers love the variety of retailers to choose from. It’s also excellent for our customers overseas as Runa offers various currencies and country-specific shops. The efficiency of the API means that our customers can get their vouchers in a matter of
seconds and gives our staff more time for other tasks.”

Kellie Carter | Operations Administrator, Each Person