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Fluz launches real-time digital payments with Runa

Fluz partners with Runa to empower customers by creating a social buying community.

Fluz Case Study | Runa
About Fluz

Fluz was born in 2018 with a mission to reinvent cashback rewards by creating a social buying community. Traditional cashback sites only offer a one time reward for referrals, and cashback on your own purchases. Fluz allows members to refer friends, followers and connections and share in the cashback generated by the entire network, forever.

Fluz is the fastest growing cashback application in the US reinventing how members earn money on purchasing everyday goods and services.

The Challenge

Achieving uncompromising quality under time and resource constraints Fluz knew that the opportunity to change the cashback market would require access to a huge network of digital incentives that were available programmatically and in real-time. Unfortunately Fluz quickly discovered that existing gift card vendors could not fulfil their needs. Similar to the dynamics in the payments industry, onboarding processes were rigid, response times were slow, and the technology was cumbersome and difficult to integrate and test. To further complicate matters, gift card vendors also adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, which simply didn’t align with how Fluz operated. Fluz were determined to create a seamless experience, but resources were scarce and compromising on quality was out of the question.



increase in spend


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YoY growth

“We needed instant access, with 100% reliability to the widest range of digital incentives."

Maurice Harary | Co-Founder, Fluz

Runa's Solution

As a new market entrant, Fluz needed a seamless, high performing and cost-effective way to reward members. With Runa, Fluz was able to quickly and easily connect to over 1,500 retailers to provide a seamless cashback experience. Runa’s results-orientated, flexible and tailored approach was core to Fluz’s successful and well-received launch to the market.

The Runa API removed the complexity of digital rewards by guiding Fluz through the intricacies of retailer approval and reward fulfilment. Not only did Runa API provide seamless and real-time digital reward capabilities, but the service was easy to mobilize and the Runa platform had the flexibility and capabilities to match and serve Fluz’s complex operational needs. As a new entrant to the market, this was incredibly important to Fluz. With the help of Runa, Fluz was able to create an engaging and seamless experience for customers in a way that works for them, and without diverting and wasting previous operational and development resources.

With valuable time and resources freed up, Fluz could focus on what matters - their customers. Today Fluz’s customer base is increasing exponentially and with the support of Runa’s infrastructure, Fluz show no signs of slowing down.

Success In Numbers
  • Since integrating with Runa, Fluz have seen their numbers sky rocket.
  • But for Fluz success isn’t about numbers, it’s about the customers. With 70% of new members stemming from referrals, not only do customers love the experience but they’re excited to share it with their network.
  • Additionally, Runa’s single platform and easy integration saved Fluz the cumbersome, manual process of connecting into retailers.
  • As a result, the Fluz team save 2500+ operational hours every year, freeing up valuable resource. 

“Runa helped us to get to where we are today.
We couldn’t have done it by ourselves.”

Maurice Harary | Co-Founder, Fluz