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Fluz launches real-time digital payments with Runa

Fluz partners with Runa to empower customers by creating a social buying community.

Fluz Case Study | Runa

The Company

Fluz is on a mission to reinvent cashback rewards by creating a social buying community. Fluz is the fastest growing cashback application in the US reinventing how members earn money on purchasing everyday goods and services.

The Challenge

Achieving uncompromising quality under time and resource constraints Fluz knew that the opportunity to change the cashback market would require access to a huge network of digital incentives that were available programmatically and in real-time. Fluz quickly discovered that existing gift card vendors could not fulfil their needs.

The Solution

Fluz needed a seamless, high performing and cost-effective way to reward members. With Runa, Fluz was able to quickly and easily connect to over 1,500 retailers to provide a seamless cashback experience. Runa’s results-orientated, flexible and tailored approach was core to Fluz’s successful and well-received launch to the market.