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Giftcrowd Drives Growth By Expanding Their Brand Catalog With Runa

With more than 1,300 brands across 26 countries and 20 currencies, Runa's offerings delighted GiftCrowd's diverse user base.

GiftCrowd Case Study | Runa
About GiftCrowd

GiftCrowd is an innovative approach to an often-frustrating scenario; the group gift. Whether it’s a group of friends chipping in on a wedding gift, parents thanking a teacher or coworkers wishing a colleague well, group gifting often puts one person in the role of collection agency and can lead to annoyance all around.

GiftCrowd solves that problem by making it easy for multiple gift buyers to contribute to the purchase of one present and gives the recipient the option to choose the gift they want.

The Challenge

Streamlining the gifting process is a great goal, but it only works if people love the gifts they receive. GiftCrowd takes the guesswork out of this process and lets the recipient select their desired gift. To ensure that every recipient can find a gift they’ll love, GiftCrowd needed to offer a huge selection of market leading brands.

Before working with Runa, GiftCrowd engaged another solution for their gift card needs. However, their existing suppliers catalog wasn’t extensive enough, and new brands were added slowly, so GiftCrowd reopened their search.


+122% revenue

increase in 3 months

+150% brands

from 100 to 250 brands

12% increase

in users choosing non generic gift cards

Runa's Solution

On reviewing their options, GiftCrowd quickly recognized that Runa’s catalog was unmatched, and the company moved quickly. “We preferred a nimble company, because we wanted to move fast. The legacy providers go at their own pace,” said Eshed, CEO and founder of GiftCrowd.

With a roster of more than 1,300 brands across 26 countries and 20 currencies of all types added constantly, Runa’s offerings delighted GiftCrowd’s diverse user base. Runa’s wallet feature allowed GiftCrowd’s users to spread the value of their gift across multiple brands. This was aligned with GiftCrowd’s vision of flexibility and choice of gifts. “We rolled it out in October of 2021 and hit $2 million after only 3 months,” according to Eshed.

“It’s been a true partnership to work with Runa. Whenever I need assistance, I not only get assistance but I also see a great attitude that we are in this together.”

Eshed Doni | CEO and founder of GiftCrowd

Success In Numbers

Success for Eshed meant giving GiftCrowd users a huge number of excellent options from which to choose. “The most important factor to us is giving our customers the brands and rewards they want,” said Eshed. After launching with Runa, “we expanded our brands from 100 to 250 and quickly saw that the percentage of users choosing the gift of last resort, the Visa Gift Card, declined. It was clear that our users were finding what they wanted and were more satisfied.”

Eshed’s goal was to get the leading brands on the platform, and Runa was up to the task. “When we saw Amazon, Walmart, Target in our selection, we knew Runa was a good option,” he shared.