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Halfords Drives Customer Loyalty Through Digital Transformation

Runa helps Halfords to reduce complexity and transform basic transactions into meaningful interactions.

Halfords Case Study | Runa

The Company

As the UK'S leading cycling and motoring retailer, Halfords has 460 stores offering more than 115,000 different product lines, supplemented by a growing e-commerce division.

The Challenge

Halfords had been using gift cards towards good will and as a form of refund. They had also been selling Halfords-branded gift cards to private companies and using gift cards from other brands within its call centres. This process was becoming operationally expensive to run due to physical gift cards, so they were looking for a quick and easy digital solution.

The Solution

Runa's API-first technology delivered the future of digital rewards for Halfords enabling them to provide open-value eGift cards from over 500 brands instantly and on demand. Runa also provided complete transparency across the entire eGifting process, with payments, invoicing, reconciliation, delivery and analytics all managed by a single platform.