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JamDoughnut Finds A Sweet Solution To Supercharge Their Cashback App

Since starting work with Runa, JamDoughnut has doubled in revenue each month.

JamDoughnut Case Study | Runa

The Company

JamDoughnut is a UK-based cashback app that incentivizes purchase and encourages loyalty. Users can take advantage of discounts while building a community through reviews and referrals.

The Challenge

JamDoughnut’s biggest priority was working with a platform with an extensive catalog of high-quality, market leading brands. They wanted a product that is reliable, secure and easy to use for both their team and their users.

The Solution

In addition to the simple integration and high level of reliability, Runa offered JamDoughnut access to a wide range of top global brands. This enabled JamDoughnut to create a compelling proposition for their customers.