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JamDoughnut Finds A Sweet Solution To Supercharge Their Cashback App

Since starting work with Runa, JamDoughnut has doubled in revenue each month.

JamDoughnut Case Study | Runa
About JamDoughnut

JamDoughnut is a UK-based cash-back app that incentivizes purchase and encourages loyalty. Users can take advantage of discounts at participating retailers while building a community through reviews and referrals.

The Challenge

JamDoughnut helps brands find and reward loyal customers while helping shoppers maximize their budgets. But that only works if shoppers can spend with the merchant they care about. As a result, JamDoughnut’s biggest priority was working with a platform with an extensive catalog of high quality, market leading brands.

JamDoughnut also wanted a product that is reliable, secure and easy to use for both their team and their users. As they researched potential partners, they found that the options were coming up short.


144% increase

in cash outs, in one month

19% growth

in revenue week on week

Wide range

of global top brands

Runa's Solution

After researching the market, Runa was recommended to JamDoughnut by their network, and the pieces fell into place. “The diversity of the suppliers, the simplicity of using the product and the quality of the API really attracted us to Runa,” said James Walker, CEO of JamDoughnut.

As the relationship with Runa ramped up, JamDoughnut realized how easy the Runa API was to integrate with. “It was clear the platform was professionally built. My developers could take it and act on it rapidly,” said James. In addition to the simple integration and high level of reliability, Runa offered JamDoughnut access to a wide range of a top global brands. James gave credit to Runa for enhancing JamDoughnuts offering to their users. “I can create a compelling proposition for my customers that engages them and scales,” he shared.

“Runa is a platform that I don’t have to worry about. It is reliable and simple to use. On top of that, I can get support from the right individuals on any issues I may have.”

James Walker | CEO, JamDoughnut

Success In Numbers
  • For JamDoughnut, success with Runa came quickly and hasn’t let up. “In the first four days of June, we did the equivalent of the whole month of March. We are growing our revenue at about 19% week on week and are seeing significant growth,” James reported.
  • Since starting work with Runa, JamDoughnut has doubled in revenue each month, which James says is “driven by the reliability and stability of the Runa service.”
  • For users to get the most out of JamDoughnut, they need to cash out their rewards. Ultimately, this means that cashout rates are an accurate measure of engagement. Users cashing out on the platform significantly increased withJamDoughnut seeing 144% growth in cash outs in May compared to in April.