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M&S Massively Increases Gift Card Sales And Reduces Processing Time With Runa

M&S found the platform partner that they were looking for to make it as easy as possible for them to reach new customers and increase gift card sales. The results speak for themselves.

M&S Case Study | Runa

The Company

Marks and Spencer Group, M&S, is a major British multinational retailer that specialises in selling clothing, beauty, home products and food products. With over 950 stores in the UK and presence in 29 countries, M&S is a widely recognized brand.

The Challenge

M&S had been facing challenges in selling gift cards to businesses, especially at scale. Despite significant interest, their processing technology was slow and clunky, making it difficult for other businesses to order gift cards directly from M&S leading to long delays.  

The Solution

The team chose to partner with Runa due to the platform functionality, usability and large existing customer base that they could tap into. The M&S team found that the Runa platform was extremely easy to integrate with their systems, and since then it has become smooth, easy and instant for businesses to order gift cards. They have been extremely impressed with the expertise, support and strategic advice they have received from the Runa team.