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Perkbox Uses Runa To Scale Their Global Business

Perkbox has used the accessibility of digital rewards to take its gift-card game to the next level.

Perkbox Case Study | Runa
About Perkbox

Perkbox, helping employees succeed, in life and at work. Founded in 2015, the company has become one of the UK’s most-loved startups – supplementing its countless perks and employee benefits with services related to medical provision and card linked offers. The result is an extensive cloud-based platform, offering all the tools for attracting, engaging and retaining a workforce.

The Challenge

Gift cards have long been a part of Perkbox and its growth story. They remain one of the biggest transactional drivers of its recognition service, which is used to celebrate and acknowledge special contributions within a company. Their initial gift card offering consisted only of physical rewards.

Before Runa, Perkbox was buying up to 1 million pounds worth of gift cards in bulk and holding them in reserve. While many users habitually opt for these types of incentives, their delivery proved slower and more timeconsuming than they had hoped. Perkbox saw eGifting as an opportunity to scale the entire business.


50% increase

in gift card sales

1000s hours

operationally saved monthly

1000s eGift cards

sold and delivered

Runa's Solution

Runa came as a recommendation from another employee benefits provider. Jemma, Partnerships Executive, shared that “after an extensive period of competitor analysis, there was only one solution we wanted to go with.” After Perkbox saw how easy it was to fulfill key tasks – ones that represented a drain on their resources – they chose to work with Runa.

Runa Connect and the API-first technology enabled the team to download reports and track spend with ease, saving hours over the course of a typical week. Stock management also became much more simple and pain-free, requiring just one point of contact for hundreds of brands, rather than one for each.

Runa’s extensive brand catalog stood out to PerkBox especially since they were satisfying a client base of 8,000 companies. “Everyone is looking for something different and we’re now at a point of providing eGift cards before they’re even requested. This has played a huge part in the success of our recognition service,” Jemma mentioned.

“Digital rewards has offered big positives for both our clients and Perkbox. They formed part of our ambition to become more accessible, agile and transparent.”

Jemma Battison | Partnership Executive, Perkbox

Success In Numbers
  • For Perkbox, there were a variety of success metrics they saw. Perkbox has sold and delivered 1,000’s of eGift cards.
  • They quickly realized that digital rewards have become one of the most popular methods of rewarding employee contributions.
  • Perkbox has used the accessibility of digital rewards to take its gift-card game to the next level and has seen a 50% increase in gift card sales.
  • Lastly, they have saved over 1000 operational hours due to a simplified route to stock management and ordering which has brought an end to manual, time-sapping processes.