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Rippl Streamlines Rewards With Runa And Drives 5x Efficiency

Rippl streamlines recognition, reward, benefits and incentives to create more productive teams across the globe.

About Rippl

Rippl is an award-winning platform that transforms employee engagement for leading brands. Through uniquely streamlining recognition, reward, benefits and incentives, Rippl’s mission is to create happier, more motivated, more productive teams across the globe.

Rippl is committed to delivering intuitive technology that enables businesses to provide an exceptional employee experience.



costs saved

5x more


<4 Weeks


The Challenge

Rippl’s platform is built upon meaningful engagement and seamless interaction. A central part of its user experience enables instant recognition and streamlined reward for both managers and employees, wherever they are. Digital gift cards elevate this functionality and deliver a personalised experience with memorable value to users.

Rippl were previously adopting many manual processes, spreadsheets and shopping to deliver employee gift cards via their platform. Rippl needed a digital solution that aligned with the technical capability of their software. The solution needed to have a useful admin interface that automated budgets and orders, plus smoothly integrated into their platform.

“At Rippl we are focussed on creating engaging and effective interactions powered by technology. Runa has been a great partner for this. They offer the features that we need in order to power effective and efficient rewards and incentives now and in the future as we continue to scale, especially internationally.”

Chris Brown | Managing Director, Rippl

Runa's Solution
  • Rippl were impressed with Runa’s large and varied network of gift cards and payout types, plus the ease and speed of its integration.
  • The Runa API is easy to white-label so it could be seamlessly implemented into their platform.
  • The Runa Network also offers global reach with options available in over 30 countries, so it was a great fit for Rippl as they scale their platform internationally.
  • Rippl also leveraged the Runa Payout Link, enabling users to send an open balance that recipients have the freedom to redeem as they choose.
  • The Runa Platform importantly automated Rippl’s previous manual processes, reducing demand on time and resource, as well as providing the necessary admin control to effectively manage their customer programmes.

Success In Numbers

Rippl were able to implement Runa in under 4 weeks and saw immediate benefits in back-office efficiencies. Runa was able to free up significant time previously spent on manually ordering and processing gift cards, saving 80% on costs and driving 5x more efficiency for Rippl’s team. Adding this new functionality to their rewards and incentives programmes, Rippl were able to attract new customers, including leading UK companies with 150,000+ employees. This supported Rippl’s ambitions to continue their expansion as a global reward and incentives solution.