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Sodexo Realizes Vision For Open-Value Digital Rewards

Sodexo’s clients have shown a clear preference for open-value digital reward.

Sodexo Case Study | Runa

The Company

Sodexo is a global leader in the supply chain and business services industry. One of Sodexo’s main strengths is Sodexo Engage, a leading employee and consumer engagement platform.

The Challenge

In line with consumer expectations of digital and on-demand services, Sodexo wanted to transition away from manual ordering, payment and fulfilment methods to a newer, more digitally driven process. Ordering directly from retail merchants proved to be incredibly difficult, slow and expensive.

The Solution

Sodexo found that Runa's platform was flexible enough to shape itself around their goals, and adapted to their requirements. They were able to get real-time access to an additional 50 retailer as well as a frictionless method of ordering e-vouchers through the comfort of a Sodexo-branded platform.