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Sodexo Realizes Vision For Open-Value Digital Rewards

Sodexo’s clients have shown a clear preference for open-value digital reward.

Sodexo Case Study | Runa
About Sodexo

Sodexo is a global leader in the supply chain and business services industry. Founded in 1966, the company has also grown to become the world’s 19th biggest employer. One of Sodexo’s main strengths is in Employee Benefits and Staff Rewards & Recognition, with Sodexo Engage, a leading employee and consumer engagement platform.

The Challenge

Sodexo wanted to transition away from the manual ordering, payment and fulfillment methods to a newer, more digitally driven process. This was inspired by a major shift in market demand, as consumer expectations for digital on-demand services had become the norm.

Sodexo’s initial foray into the world of digital rewards came via manually ordering directly from retail merchants. This proved incredibly difficult, bringing a mix of problems regarding communication, hidden costs, and the time involved with recruiting and maintaining relationships with hundreds of retailers.




64% uplift

in average load value

1000s hours

saved monthly

Runa's Solution

After assessing its options, the group began looking for a global, adaptable and cost effective platform, backed by a team with strong experience of the market, and an ability to service Sodexo’s complex and unique needs. James Bancroft, Digital & Physical Gift Card Platform Development Manager, mentioned that “We didn’t want to go ‘all in’ from the outset; the plan was to find a solution that could scale according to our demands.” On studying the market, it became clear to James that only a handful of suppliers could meet their required levels of choice and functionality, and Runa was at the top of the pile.

Runa’s platform was flexible enough to shape itself around their goals, and adapted to their requirements. James added that “the API’s setup was made easy through clear and concise documentation – a rarity in the eGifting space.”

When it came to the implementation, the team was “astonished at how quick it was to get everything set up.” Sodexo got real time access to an additional 50 retailers in one hit and gave our clients a frictionless method of ordering e-vouchers through the comfort of a Sodexo-branded platform.

“Through its team, technology, and the power of open-value rewards, Runa Connect has revitalized our e-voucher card offering.”

Ben Jones | Partner and Affiliate Director, Sodexo

Success In Numbers
  • Sodexo wanted a platform that could satisfy the demands of its large-scale, global operation.
  • Runa stepped forward and immediately ticked all the boxes with its seamless integration, responsive customer service and market-leading range of features.
  • The platform even managed to accommodate Sodexo’s existing partners while providing instant access to a range of new brands.
  • Sodexo connected with 50+ leading retailers at launch while retaining its existing partner network.
  • Sodexo’s clients have shown a clear preference for open value digital rewards and Sodexo saw a 64% increase in load value of eGift purchases.
  • This partnership is viewed as an immediate solution for today as well as forming a new horizon for Sodexo’s Employee Benefits and Rewards proposition.