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Sweatcoin Takes A Joint Step Forward In User Rewards

Runa transformed Sweatcoin's rewards with personalization and real-time access to a leading catalog of global brands.

Sweatcoin Case Study | Runa
About Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin wants to make self-care pay off by rewarding users for staying active. So Sweatcoin developed a free app that rewards daily steps with a new-generation currency that can be spent on cool products, charity donations or converted to SWEAT - Sweatcoin’s new cryptocurrency. Sweatcoin currently has 64 million registered users across 36 countries.

The Challenge

To realize their vision, Sweatcoin needed to provide compelling rewards to their global user base at scale. That meant ordering and sending these rewards manually to millions of people would be time consuming and costly, so they started looking for some help. On Sweatcoin’s initial evaluation, they came up empty. Sweatcoin could not find a provider that could give them a truly global solution or instant access to the brands their users would love.


21% increase

in positive reviews

50% decrease

in admin time

37% increase

time on app

Runa's Solution

After a disappointing initial search, Sweatcoin found Runa. They quickly realized that Runa’s solution covered all the bases. According to Sarim Rahim, rewards manager at Sweatcoin, “Runa made it easy for us to disburse rewards globally.” The solution was reliable and user friendly, and the Sweatcoin team found everything was faster and more responsive.

Runa streamlined and transformed Sweatcoin’s rewards process with personalization and real time access to a leading catalog of global brands. “We work with a wide selection of health, sports and fitness brands and now we have been able to provide rewards in a much more tailored way to healthcare audiences,” Laura mentioned. “Where manual work was required took us half the time with Runa compared to other solutions.”

“Runa is a great platform. It’s been incredibly useful so far and over time our goal is to have every department use it.”

Laura Tomlinson | Sr. Sales Op Coordinator, Sweatcoin

Success In Numbers
  • Upon working with Runa, Sweatcoin saw an immediate increase in user retention. “People stayed longer on the app, up to 60 days, and our initial test was very positive,” said Laura.
  • Users weren’t the only group to see the improvements. Sweatcoin’s product team also saw substantial benefits. “Runa has cut their admin time by 50%,” said Laura. It used to take them up to two weeks from start to finish to get the rewards to their customers and now “it is instant with Runa.”
  • The Runa product experience also improved word of mouth, as Sweatcoin has seen a significant boost in positive TrustPilot reviews. Streamlined processes, increased user retention and improved word of mouth; together, Sweatcoin and Runa are reaching their step targets.