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Sweatcoin Takes A Joint Step Forward In User Rewards

Runa transformed Sweatcoin's rewards with personalization and real-time access to a leading catalog of global brands.

Sweatcoin Case Study | Runa

The Company

Sweatcoin developed an app that rewards daily steps with a new-generation currency that can be spent on cool products, charity donations or converted to Sweatcoin’s new cryptocurrency. Sweatcoin currently has 64 million registered users across 36 countries.

The Challenge

Sweatcoin needed to provide compelling rewards to their global user base at scale. That meant ordering and sending these rewards manually to millions of people would be time consuming and costly, so they started looking for an alternative solution.  

The Solution

For Sweatcoin, Runa enabled a solution that was reliable, user friendly, faster and more responsive. Runa streamlined and transformed Sweatcoin's rewards process with personalization and real time access to a leading catalog of global brands.