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Topcashback Achieves Their Most Profitable Day Of Gift Card Sales Ever

Integrating with Runa enabled TopCashback to not only offer a new proposition to their customers, they also saw their highest every day of gift card sales and entered a new international market.

TopCashback Case Study | Runa

The Company

TopCashback is an online cash back site and app. TopCashback is free for shoppers to sign up to, and the cash back is powered by giving the sales commission that they get from partner brands to their members.

The Challenge

TopCashback wanted a way to offer greater flexibility to their customers so they could access the cash back, without having to make an instant purchase decision and identified gift cards as the best solution for this. TopCashback had started working with a different gift card partner but found that their catalog was too small, limiting the options available to their customers. 

The Solution

TopCashback were impressed with the Runa catalogue of over 1,300 brands, providing the breadth of options they were looking to offer their customers. The team found it incredibly easy to get started, and appreciated the smooth UX flow and full visibility into unclaimed rewards. They reported a massive increase in gift card sales.