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Tradedoubler Transforms Their Global Incentive Program With Runa

Tradedoubler can now service clients with a best-in class and automated solution across all its European markets.

Tradedoubler Case Study | Runa

The Company

Tradedoubler is one of Europe’s leading affiliate networks, offering a range of products which help advertisers acquire and engage with consumers. Their customer base includes over 180,000 website publishers and over 2000 advertisers.

The Challenge

Tradedoubler would help enable their clients to use rewards to drive new sales by building bespoke campaigns but the manual process was slow and limited to a specific region. Tradedoubler wanted a way to optimize this process, to reach customers across the globe, and to access insight into reward redemptions.

The Solution

Leveraging Runa, teams across Tradedoubler’s global offices were able to easily create campaigns in different currencies and languages. The teams could quickly produce reports, deliver customer service and manage invoicing, whilst also offering flexibility of rewards. It also gave them full control of budget and allowed them full visibility of the campaigns to ensure they were achieving a high ROI.