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Vodafone Accelerate eGift Delivery With Runa

With a double-digit lift in new signups and an impressive 95% improvement in campaign turnaround time - Vodafone's eGift card affiliate marketing campaigns have delivered incredible results with Runa.

Vodafone Case Study | Runa
About Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers, supplying broadband and mobile network solutions to nearly 450 million customers across 26 different countries. Since enabling the UK’s first ever mobile call in 1985, it has grown to become one of the nation’s most-recognised and loved brands, with a customer base of over 20 million.

The Challenge

Vodafone uses gift cards to incentive sign ups and this tactic was leveraged across multiple campaigns and multiple channels. These campaigns needed to all be updated and tested multiple times a day in order to test pricing, messaging, and the rewards themselves which quickly became a tedious manual process. However, the end goal continued to be to drive customer acquisition through digital rewards that attracted and retained new buyers.

Vodafone had been using eGift cards for over four years, but due to the fragmented and time-consuming nature of the previous solution, they were unable to leverage the true potential of instant, open-value rewards. Adam Clisby, Affiliate Marketing Specialist, shared that “We also wanted to manage all aspects of the eGifting process independently - including creation, validation and fulfillment.”


$11 million

in transactions


improvement new campaign turnaround

17% lift

in new signups

One week

setup time

Runa's Solution

“Runa was like nothing we’d seen before” Adam shared with us. Within one week, their first campaign was up and running and Runa’s account managers were on hand to give crucial advice on matters concerning their design and layout. With the previous solution, Vodafone had customers failing to grasp what they needed to do in order to qualify for a reward.

Vodafone appreciated that the portal was simple, intuitive and enabled the team to launch campaigns within the space of an hour. Vodafone also appreciate that they now could change any specific parameter within the campaign on demand and manage unlimited campaigns at the same time. Vodafone has been empowered by Runa’s simplicity. Also, the automated delivery has proven to be invaluable and gives Vodafone the luxury of applying a three-month cooling-off period to each transaction.

“We needed a way of delivering rewards effectively, at pace. Only then could we unlock their true potential.”

Adam Clisby | Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Vodafone

Success In Numbers
  • Vodafone has seen many gains as a result of the solution.
  • Vodafone had its first campaign up and running within days of being introduced to Runa’s platform.
  • Runa also helped Vodafone attract more new customers via eGifting- beating its previous supplier by a significant margin with 17% increase in new signups.
  • Lastly, after initial setup, new acquisition campaigns were up and running in under an hour where previously it would take three business days, resulting in a 95% improvement.
  • After being so impressed by the technology, and seeing its potential in other applications, Vodafone even started using eGift cards as a way of resolving complaints and issues in a timely manner, resulting in greater loyalty and satisfaction across its customer base.