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Vodafone Accelerate eGift Delivery With Runa

With a double-digit lift in new signups and an impressive 95% improvement in campaign turnaround time - Vodafone's eGift card affiliate marketing campaigns have delivered incredible results with Runa.

Vodafone Case Study | Runa

The Company

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers, supplying broadband and mobile network solutions to nearly 450 million customers across 26 different countries.

The Challenge

Vodafone uses gift cards to incentive sign ups and this tactic was leveraged across multiple campaigns and channels. These campaigns needed to all be updated and tested multiple times a day which quickly became a tedious manual process. 

In order to drive customer acquisition through digital rewards that attracted and retained new buyers, Vodafone were looking for a way to streamline and optimize this process.

The Solution

Leveraging Runa technology, Vodafone were able to reduce their campaign-building process down from days to one hour, a 95% improvement. Through a simple dashboard, backed by automated delivery, Vodafone was able to acquire thousands of new customers and had the flexibility to change and manage unlimited campaigns.