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Gift Card API

Easily automate your digital reward distribution process with one reliable gift card API, giving you access to the widest international catalog of brands at the best prices.

  • A single API
  • Instant payouts
  • Direct access to 2,000+ brands
  • Hundreds of features 
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Easily automate your digital reward distribution process with one reliable gift card API

Join Hundreds Of Leading Companies Already Using Runa's API


A Full-Stack Gift Card API Solution

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Easy Integration

Connect your business to the Runa Platform through a single, seamless, and developer-friendly gift card API integration.

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Fast Delivery

Gift card fulfillment made easy. We make placing orders as simple as sending an email with our blazingly fast API automation.

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Integrate with thousands of brands in multiple languages and currencies, while customizing your brand and delivery experience.

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Full-Feature Portal

Choose how to send gift cards, download all URLs in seconds, and access reporting on your program through the portal.

Easy API Integration

Integration In Just A Few Hours

Whether you are a team of veteran developers or someone just starting out, we make it easy for you to integrate Runa's API. 

Our sandbox testing environment lets you familiarize yourself with the platform for quick and easy testing. Connect the API, explore, develop, and test your application as often as you want.

Key benefits:

  • One reliable gift card API 
  • Developer-friendly platform
  • Sandbox testing environment
Integrate to Runa's git card API In Just A Few Hours

Fast Delivery

Send Gift Cards In Bulk Instantly

No matter why you're sending gift cards - employee holiday gifts, marketing promotions, and everything in between - create engaging user experiences by delivering instant digital rewards.

Our gift card API allows you to send, and your recipients to receive, digital gift cards in bulk in just seconds. Whether you're sending 1 digital gift card or 1,000,000, Runa can help.

Key benefits:

  • Instantaneous payouts
  • Customer-first experience 
  • Widest catalog of brands
Send Gift Cards In Bulk Instantly from Runa


Create A Personalized User Experience

Personalize your recipients' experience through a wide range of API customization options, including order description, delivery format, gift card brand, denomination and email template.

Our reward platform also gives your recipients access to all their favorite brands, including Uber, DoorDash, Starbucks, and Amazon.

Key benefits:

  • Personalize your user’s experience
  • Access a wide range of API customization options
Let your users choose which gift card they want from Runa's API

Personalized rewards

Give Your Recipients Choice

Not sure which brands your recipients prefer? With Runa Payout Links, they can choose from more than 2,000 local and international gift card brands in our catalog, all integrated via API.

Send your recipients one single gift card link and allow them to choose which brands they want to redeem it for, or even distribute the reward amount across different brands and multiple gift cards.

Key benefits:

  • Send 2,000+ brands in just one link
  • Distribute the reward amount across multiple gift cards
Give Your Recipients Choice with Runa's gift card API

Full-feature portal

Choose How You Want To Send Your Gift Cards

Access a feature-rich platform that allows you to choose how you want to send your gift cards. We can either send it for you or you can download all URLs and send it yourself.

Runa's admin portal makes it easy for you to access all URLs files, download the reward links, check on delivery status, and even know how many people have redeemed the gift cards.

Key benefits:

  • Full-feature portal
  • Send the gift cards through us or send it yourself
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Tracking and reporting

Manage All Data And Reporting In One Place

Access reporting and raw customer data through Runa's portal, letting you track gift card popularity among your recipients and empowering you to make better business decisions.

Worried about having messy data? Don’t worry, Runa's gift card API puts everything in a system that is quick to access and easy to organize.

Key benefits:

  • Clear data visibility
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Easily track gift card redemption
Manage All Data And Reporting In One Place With Runa's gift card API
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gift card API?

Through API, businesses are able to connect different data sources automatically using code, transferring information or value instantly. The Runa API allows companies to access the industry’s largest collection of digital gift cards in just a few clicks. All the data involved in processing eGift cards, from payment to delivery, are managed by one single API.

To learn more about how gift card API works, click here.

Here are the benefits of moving to an on-demand gift card API.

How to bulk order gift cards?

Yes, we don’t charge for the gift card API implementation. View the API doc to learn more.

How long does it take to integrate with Runa's gift card API?

Runa makes integration a seamless experience. The Runa API is intuitive and easy to set up, even if you’re not a veteran software engineer. Integration can be as quick as a couple of hours to as long as a couple of weeks, depending on the client's available resources and the sophistication of their desired integration.

Learn more about integrating with Runa's API here.

How do I get started?

Our simple tutorial is broken up into three main parts:

  1. API setup prerequisites
    An outline of our pre set up requirements
  2. Web app and test environments
    A short introduction to our web app and where to test
  3. Step-by-step API integration guide
    A simple guide of how to integrate our API

Check out our API doc to see more details on how to get started.

How do I access the API key?

Having a Runa user account allows you to log in to the Runa Connect web application where you can generate your API keys.

Important Note - Until you have a Runa admin account you cannot begin the API integration.

Learn more about API keys on our API documentation.

How do I test the API request?

There are three simple steps to follow when testing your API integration:

  1. Check that your account has funds
    Without enough funds in your account, your orders may fail.
  2. Send a live API order request
    You can have your chosen order template ready or continue the guide with our basic ordering template example shown here
  3. Runa returns your product order successfully
    Meaning your live integration is complete 😎
How can I check my account balance?

To check your live environment funds, you can call the balance endpoint with the currency type defined at the end of the call.

You can read more about the currency codes Runa support here

Can I only order individual cards?

No, you can place bulk orders via our API as well! WeGift has access to more than 1,000 retailers, across different countries and currencies. It only takes seconds to issue thousands of gift cards.

How fast is the incentive delivery through the API?

Less than 10 seconds! Once an order is placed, your egift cards will be instantly delivered by email to the recipient.

Learn more about sending gift cards via our API here.

What can I personalize when sending a gift card through the API?

You can personalize your end user’s experience through a wide range of API customization options in our platform, such as delivery method, format, gift card brand and email template.

More information here