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Send visa prepaid cards instantly

Digital Prepaid Visa Card

Give customers and employees a flexible reward they can redeem anywhere with a Visa eReward Card. Whether they're paying bills, shopping online, or buying gas, Runa makes it easy to send prepaid Visa cards in bulk in just a few clicks.

  • Instant payout
  • Flexible usage
  • Easy redemption
Send visa prepaid cards in bulk with Runa

Join Hundreds Of Companies Already Buying Visa Prepaid
Cards With Runa


Easy Ordering

Order Visa Prepaid Cards In Just A Few Clicks

Buy and send digital prepaid Visa cards in just a few clicks via Runa's platform. Whether it’s one or one million, you can buy and send prepaid cards instantly.

Our API makes it easy. It just takes a few steps: Add funds to your account, select the card value as well as the number of cards, and place the order. Easy as that!

Order Visa Prepaid Cards In Just A Few Seconds

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery For Your Recipients

Deliver the prepaid cards to your recipient's inbox in a matter of seconds, while also personalizing the user experience.

Customize the email template and get the rewards sent to your recipients directly from the platform. You can also send the rewards yourself by downloading a CSV file with all of your codes from the portal.

Instantly Deliver Visa Prepaid Cards To Your Recipients


Send Prepaid Cards In Bulk Easily

Rewarding internal teams? Running global acquisition campaign? No problem. Our platform lets you send virtual cards in bulk globally.

Send hundreds, thousands, or millions of Visa prepaid cards instantly, creating a more engaging user experience with real-time rewards.

Send Prepaid Cards In Bulk Easily

Flexible payments

Choose How You Want To Pay For The Rewards

We make it easy for you to pay via the platform, choosing the payment type that best suits your needs. 

Runa accepts credit card, debit card, or direct deposit via bank transfers. And it’s quick too! As soon as the payment is made, you can start sending your rewards.

Choose How You Want To Pay For The Rewards

Key Benefits Of The Visa eReward Card

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Flexible Payouts

Give your recipients unmatched choice with a convenient payout option that’s accepted nearly everywhere.

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Secure Spending

Make spending more secure with digital prepaid cards, delivered directly to your recipients with no bank account needed.

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Easy Redemption

Let your users choose how they want to spend their reward card: in-store, online, over the phone, or added to a digital wallet.

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International Reach

Digital prepaid Visa cards are issued in USD and CAD, so it can be distributed across the US and Canada.

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Runa vs. Others

We don't cut corners when it comes to flexibility and functionality.

Allow recipient to select brands

tick-mark-icon Yes

cross-icon No

Minimum order

tick-mark-icon No minimums

cross-icon Yes

Brand selection

tick-mark-icon 2,000+ available*

cross-icon Limited

Automation and API

tick-mark-icon Yes*

cross-icon No

Direct partnership with brands

tick-mark-icon Yes

cross-icon No

*Only available on specific plans

Runa Drive has unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone. It is exactly what we look for in a technology.

Cai Mullins
Head of Affiliate Partnerships, Vodafone

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Visa prepaid card?

A digital prepaid Visa card is not cash, but a card preloaded with a certain amount of money that can be spent anywhere a Visa card is accepted, whether it is paying bills or shopping online. Prepaid cards are purchased either as a physical card or virtual card.

Prepaid cards are very popular among consumers and employees because of their flexibility, so companies often use them as rewards and incentives.

Is a Visa prepaid card accepted in every country?

The Visa prepaid card can be used anywhere the Visa card issuer is accepted but not in every country. There are certain restrictions for the recipient depending on which country they want to redeem the reward value. The full restriction list can be found here.

What currencies are prepaid cards issued?

The card is available in 2 currencies, USD and CAD. 

The Visa USD product is only intended for distribution in the US.
The Visa CAD product is only intended for distribution in Canada.

The visa cards can be used outside North America, but restrictions may apply:

  • Cards cannot be used in US/CA sanctioned countries
  • If the card is spent with a merchant that does not accept USD or CAD then fees will be applied to the purchase to handle currency conversion
  • Across Europe the AMLD5 (anti-money laundering policy) is strictly enforced and Visa has noticed an uptick in cards being declined during the pre-authorization process.
Will there be any fees when using the reward card?

There is no transaction fee when using the card in the country and currency in which it was purchased. International purchases may incur fees. The fees are listed in the Cardholder Agreements.

To read the Cardholder Agreement with international fees click here:

Agreement USD

Agreement CAD

Can the Visa prepaid cards be used in any store?

The reward card can be used in any store where Visa cards are accepted within the permitted countries. The full territory restriction list can be found here.

How can I send Visa prepaid cards in bulk?
Sending digital prepaid Visa cards in bulk is easy using Runa. You just need to log in to our platform, ensure there are sufficient funds for the value you want to send and select the desired quantities and denominations. You can either send all the rewards yourself by downloading a CSV file with all the links or have us send them for you!
How are the prepaid Visa cards delivered?

The digital Visa prepaid cards are delivered to the recipients via email. The reward is provided in an encrypted hyperlink that, when clicked, will open the recipient’s browser and redirect the recipient to a secure website where they can view all the virtual card details. The reward cards can then be used for online purchase, in-store or added to a digital wallet.

For more information on Visa prepaid cards or other gift card brands, contact our experts here.

What other brands can I access on Runa's platform?

The Runa platform gives you access to hundreds of different gift card brands, from companies including Uber and Target to Amazon and Doordash.

A branded virtual gift card, unlike a Visa debit card or prepaid debit card, can only be redeemed in that specific brand's store. While that may be less flexible, it offers other benefits, including brand recognition and recall and potential discounts. Our wide global catalog gives your recipients ample choice when selecting a brand.

Interested to see all the gift cards in our catalog and learn more about how branded gift cards can help businesses grow? Contact us here.