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Real-Time Refunds

Embed flexible refunds to power global, instant reimbursements.
Refunds that power instant reimbursements
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Ensure Customers Return

Issue branded gift cards to drive customers to come back.

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Reduce Accounting Work

Automate refunds. No need to process bank or card information.

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Deliver Rapid Refunds

Refund instantly. Avoid the lengthy delays of bank transfers.

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Instant Global Payouts

Load funds from 190+ countries and send to 30 in 18 currencies.


Why Runa?

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Unmatched Network

Direct connectivity to multiple digital payout types.

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Global Reach

30+ countries, 18 currencies and 16 languages.

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Recipient Choice

Let recipients choose their preferred payout.

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No set-up costs. Only pay for what you use.

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Advanced Security

Bank-level security and regulatory compliance.

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Fund in one currency, disburse in another.

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Mass Send

Send payouts in bulk to multiple recipients instantly.

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Real-time, data-rich reporting so you can optimize programs.

Runa Customers See 99% Redemption
Rate Of Payouts Sent

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Vodafone saw a 95% improvement in the launch and management of campaigns, saving time and money.

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Halfords save an average of 220 hours per month in program set up and maintenance and have reduced fulfilment costs by 93%.

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Tradedoubler automates 100 campaigns and has expanded into 12 new markets.

Leading Companies Leverage Runa To Power Payouts For Their Business

Optimize customer experience and reduce complicated accounting work with real-time refunds and rebates:

  • Direct Refunds
  • Exception Handling
  • Goodwill
  • Complaints
  • Branded Gift Cards Refunds
How to integrate the Runa API for real-time refunds and rebates with Runa

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