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Evaluating Your Payouts Platform: What Value Does It Add? 

Don't settle for disappointing discounts, spotty service, and hidden fees. Discover why leading businesses choose Runa to power their payouts. 


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Runa vs. The Rest

How does Runa stack up against the competition? 

Transparent discounts

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No setup fees*


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No monthly minimums

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Pay-as-you-go pricing


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Direct access to merchant partnerships


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24/7 customer support


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*Available on select plans

Discover Why Businesses Choose Runa

Goodbye Disappointing Discounts

Other platforms boast about offering superior deals but leave you in the dark about their actual cost benefits. Cut through the over-promises and under-deliveries with transparency. With Runa, what you see is what you save. Access the best deals and promotions in the market from day one. 


Technology tailored for today (and whatever comes tomorrow)

Why wrestle with outdated, legacy systems when you can embed Runa's seamless technology? Our easy-to-integrate API is designed to get you started sending payouts within a single day—meaning less downtime for your business and smoother experiences for your recipients. Plus, we work with you to evolve our technology as you scale. 


Send payouts around the world with one contract and API

Don't get bogged down with multiple integrations and contracts. With Runa's network, access 2700+ payout options across the world, including 500 top US merchants. Plus get instant, 24/7 currency conversion, ensuring your global reach is as easy as it is effective.


Hear what our customers say about their experience with Runa

Vodafone sees a 95% improvement in campaign launch and management, saving time and resources

“Runa has unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone. It is exactly what we look for in a technology.”

Adam Clisby
Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Vodafone

Sodexo saw a 64% increase in load value of gift card purchase

“The API’s setup was made easy through clear and concise documentation – a rarity in this space. The team was astonished at how quick it was to get everything set up.”

James Bancroft
Digital & Physical Gift Card Platform Development Manager, Sodexo

VoucherCodes saved 1,000 hours of manual work per year and saw customer satisfaction rise to 90%

“Runa was exactly what we were looking for. It made our lives much easier and enabled us to generate significant new revenue.”

Angus Drummond
Growth Partnerships Director, VoucherCodes

Frequently asked questions

Why is Runa better than any alternative on the market?

Businesses see Runa as a better alternative to their current payout, rewards, and incentive solutions because we’re a trusted advisor and considered experts in the market. We provide a reliable platform that’s easy to implement and empowers our customers to drive better business outcomes from payout experiences and achieve the best ROI.

What success have businesses seen with Runa?

Using Runa, businesses regularly see results like:

  • 99% redemption rate of payouts sent
  • +20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • +25% increase in revenue
  • +35% increase in savings
How much does the platform cost?

With Runa, you have options for sending rewards.  Our Basic Plan is free — no hidden fees, setup charges, or monthly minimums.  To unlock discounts, upgrade to our Pro plan, which offers flexible pricing starting at $10,000.  Our transparent pricing means you get exactly what you need, ensuring value and efficiency in managing your payouts.  For more information, visit our pricing page.

How long does it take to integrate with Runa’s API?

Runa makes integration a seamless experience. The Runa API is intuitive and easy to set up, even if you’re not a veteran software engineer. Integration can be as quick as a couple of hours to as long as a couple of weeks, depending on the client's available resources and the sophistication of their desired integration.

Enter A New Era Of Rewards

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