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Payouts Simplified: 5 Ways Runa’s API is the Hero Your Business Needs

Payouts Simplified: 5 Ways Runa’s API is the Hero Your Business Needs

Have you ever wished for a smoother, faster, and more efficient way to handle payouts? With the new and improved Runa API, your wish is now a reality. This upgrade unlocks the full potential of the market's most comprehensive payout platform, built with your needs in mind.

We've been hard at work making our platform more powerful and user-friendly, and we're excited to share the latest updates with you. Our upgraded API offers new country support, innovative features, simplified processes, and improved reliability—everything our customers have been asking for. 

But what really sets this upgrade apart are the enhancements that might seem small but have a significant impact on your payouts. We're highlighting these five key improvements that will enhance user experiences, save time, and help you manage payouts confidently and easily.


1. Scale up your payouts with speed

Need to send rewards or incentives to a large audience quickly? Runa takes the pain out of bulk payouts.

Forget the slow and tedious process of setting up and sending gift cards individually. The Runa API lets you blast out 350 payouts instantly, with an even higher limit coming soon (we're aiming for 500!).

This means spending less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your core business activities. Eliminating manual processes allows you to swiftly handle large promotional campaigns or employee incentives, ensure timely rewards, and maintain high engagement levels.


2. Level up your user experience

Ditch the generic templates! With Runa, your payout emails become an extension of your brand, fostering stronger connections with your recipients.

The Runa API gives you the tools to incorporate your logo, brand color, custom sender names, and personalized messages. This ensures every payout reinforces your brand identity and stands out in recipients' inboxes. 

Plus, you can save time by creating multiple customizable templates for different payout types, ensuring consistent branding across all communications. This personalized touch strengthens your brand's relationship with recipients, making your communications more memorable and fostering loyalty and repeat engagement.


3. Reach your global audiences

The gift card market is booming and is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2027. This explosive growth represents a massive opportunity for your business to meaningfully engage with customers around the world. However, tapping into this global market requires a platform that can seamlessly handle the complexity of international payouts.

That's where the new Runa comes in, providing businesses with access to the largest global network of digital payouts from 4,000 merchants across 38 countries in 22 currencies. This extensive reach means you can expand your business effortlessly into new markets, offering your customers a wide array of local options and popular global brands.

Setting up payouts in a new country with Runa takes under 10 minutes, making it incredibly easy to start operating internationally. We've also added a wide range of currencies, including Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, Singaporean Dollars, Bulgarian Lev, and Brazilian Real, with more on the way. This ensures that no matter where your customers are, you can provide them with the payout solutions they need in their local currency.

By leveraging Runa's global capabilities, you can engage with new customer segments, increase your market share, and drive revenue growth. Our platform's flexibility and ease of use remove the barriers to international expansion, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

4. Power up your ordering

We listened to your feedback and made the Runa Portal even better with two critical features designed to streamline your ordering process and give you more control.

With granular order management, you can now filter payouts by country and approval status. This means you can quickly locate and manage specific orders, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Having a clear, organized view of your operations allows for better oversight and more efficient management, reducing the chances of errors and improving overall workflow.

To enhance order tracking, we've added product codes to the Order Details page, making tracking and managing your orders easier. This feature lets you quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring your recipients get their payouts on time and without hassle. Improved tracking saves time and boosts confidence in your payout processes, providing a smoother experience for you and your recipients.

These enhancements mean you can manage your payouts more efficiently, reduce errors, and save time. By improving your workflow, you can focus more on strategic tasks and less on administrative ones, leading to smoother operations and happier recipients. With better control and oversight, you can ensure that your payout processes are efficient but also reliable and scalable as your business grows.


5. Sync or async? Runa fits your needs

The Runa API allows you to choose the integration method that best suits your business. Whether you're just starting out or have high-volume needs, we've got you covered.

Have high-volume needs? Go async! The Asynchronous (Async) API is designed for businesses that need to handle large orders simultaneously. It processes multiple requests at once without waiting for each one to finish, making it perfect for high-volume scenarios. This means you can manage large-scale campaigns efficiently, ensuring timely and reliable payouts even during peak times.

Simple needs? Sync does the trick. For straightforward use cases with lower order volumes, the Synchronous (Sync) API is a great choice. It's easier to integrate and provides a familiar workflow for smaller-scale operations. This method processes each request one at a time, making it ideal for businesses that don't need to handle numerous transactions simultaneously.

Why does this matter? The ability to choose between Sync and Async integration methods means you can tailor the Runa API to fit your specific business operations. This flexibility ensures you can scale your payout processes as needed, maintaining efficiency and reliability regardless of transaction volume. 

By matching the API method to your business requirements, you ensure smoother operations and better resource management, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction for both you and your recipients.


What's next

If you’re a Runa customer and you haven't started your migration to the Runa API, we encourage you to do so now. Please email to start saving time and improving your payout processes.

Not yet a Runa customer? We’d love to tell you more about it. Book a demo today to find out how Runa can help you turn payouts into profit drivers at your organization.