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Your Insider Guide to Runa's Product Team Interviews

Your Insider Guide to Runa's Product Team Interviews

Embarking on the job interview journey can be exciting and uncertain, no matter where you’re applying. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or entering the job market for the first time, understanding the nuances of any interview process is crucial for success.

If you’re considering a role in Runa's Product Team or are already in the application process, I'm here to help you prepare effectively and present your best self—and turn a potentially nerve-wracking experience into an exciting step in your career. 

In this blog, I'll go through each interview stage and cover what you can expect, how to prepare, and tips on bringing your best self to the interview. 

Before we dive into the blog, at Runa, we value transparency. As a fast-growing start-up where things can change at the last minute, adaptability is critical—even throughout our interview process. If you thrive in the face of unknowns while still focusing on delivering results, you’ll fit right in.

Here's an interview breakdown:

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Talent Screen: Initial Conversation 

The first step is a 30-minute video call with one of our talent partners (most likely me!). In this session, we’ll discuss the role’s specific requirements, our growing team, the exciting products you’ll get to work on, and our ambitious growth plans. We view it as a two-way discovery call to align expectations on both sides, so it’s an excellent opportunity for you to ask any initial questions to gain more information about the company and clarify any details about the role.

Top Tip: 

Think about the products you have worked on in previous roles. Be prepared to share examples of the impact you made, the challenges you faced, and how you overcame them.


Hiring Manager Interview: In-Depth Discussion  

This stage involves a 60-minute call with a member of our product leadership team. The discussion will revolve around your past experiences and how you approach your work. How did you handle the discovery stages? What steps did you take to redefine a roadmap? What would you do differently to avoid challenges? They’ll also be keen to hear about your motivation for joining Runa and what aspect of our product excites you the most.

Top Tip: 

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the entire product lifecycle. Showcase your depth of experience and skills across the various phases of a product’s journey.


Task Interview: Practical Application

This 60-minute session with the Product Team is your chance to show off your product management proficiency. Ahead of the interview, you’ll be sent a task to help the team understand your approach to problem-solving. There will be an open dialogue throughout the session, so be prepared to discuss your task responses, product strategy, and previous market experience. 

Top Tip:

Present your task clearly and concisely. Walk us through your thought process with confidence. 


Cross-Functional and Values: Collaboration and Culture 

In this stage, you’ll have a 45-minute call with a member of the Engineering Team and another business stakeholder that focuses on your ways of working and day-to-day interactions with cross-functional teams.

Shortly after this, our process will wrap with a 45-minute values interview, delving into our core values. We want to understand how you make decisions and respond to various scenarios based on your past experiences. There will also be an opportunity to ask any remaining questions. 

Top Tip:

Prepare stories of successful and challenging stakeholder collaborations. For the values interview, align your experiences and scenario-based examples with our four core values.


Our Commitment to Effective Hiring

Hiring great people is the foundation of our success. That’s why we invest a lot of time in ensuring our interview process is thorough and fair, which we continually evaluate and refine. I hope this blog has given you valuable insights into our Product interviews, and if you are interested in joining our team, check out our open roles in London and Sofia