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Best Rewards Gift Cards for Your Incentive Program

Best Rewards Gift Cards for Your Incentive Program

Reward and incentivize with eGift rewards 

It’s now widely accepted that rewards and incentives can help drive employee and customer behavior, which can lead to better business outcomes. When used as part of a reward or incentive program, eGift rewards can help:

  • Increase employee engagement — By helping employees feel recognized and valued, rewards naturally help boost engagement and productivity levels.
  • Improve customer acquisition Rewards can be used to acquire and activate new customers, as part of a customer referral program, or to retain existing customers.
  • Boost brand awareness By alerting your business to potential new customers and talent, rewards effortlessly help increase awareness of your brand.
  • Drive revenue With hardworking, engaged employees and a loyal customer base helping drive your business forward, it won’t be long before your business starts enjoying increased revenue.

Flexible and convenient eGift rewards.

When it comes to rewarding the people who matter most to your business, choosing a gift they’ll appreciate and want to receive is important. The perfect reward choice is an eGift card from a favorite brand or a flexible reward such as a Visa prepaid card. Here’s why: 

  • Flexible Looking for flexibility and choice? Rewards gift cards provide both with ease. With Runa, you can choose from over 1300 of the world’s leading brands. What other gift type gives you this level of choice? 
  • Highly convenient — Today, more than ever, people appreciate the gift of convenience. Redeemable with just a few simple clicks, eGift rewards from Runa provide the ultimate in convenience and versatility.
  • Practical and secure eGift rewards from Runa are both practical and secure. Unlike other valuable gifts, they can’t be misplaced or stolen and can be redeemed when the recipient chooses. 

Gift card wish list: Popular choices by users

With a market-leading catalog of cards from some of the world’s most recognized brands, ordering and distributing the most popular rewards gift cards users want has never been easier. Here are some of our top business gift cards for rewards and incentives:

  • Starbucks gift cards — Who wouldn’t love being gifted a reward from one of our favorite coffee stops? An all-around pleaser, a Starbucks Gift Card is sure to delight even the fussiest of recipients!
  • Amazon gift cards — As the world’s largest online retailer, there truly is something for everyone at Amazon. Finding someone who wouldn’t be hugely excited with a versatile Amazon Gift Card would be difficult, no matter their style, taste, or needs.
  • Movie gift cards — The opportunity to relax with a favorite movie or TV show will please even the most discerning recipients! A streaming service or movie gift card is another all-around pleaser.
  • Prepaid gift cards Prepaid gift cards such as Visa prepaid cards are among the most popular rewards gift cards available today. The Visa Reward API enables businesses to offer Visa prepaid cards as rewards for their customers or employees. Prepaid gift cards offer recipients a true world of choice wherever Visa is accepted in multiple countries worldwide. 

The simple way to order gift cards online 

With Runa, it’s simply never been easier to order gift cards online. Whether you’re ordering branded eGift rewards or prepaid cards, it can all be done with just a few simple clicks. Here’s how it works.

After logging into our secure platform, simply add funds to your account and choose your desired eGift rewards, including the required quantities, values, and denominations. Next, choose how you would like to send your rewards, and confirm your order! Your gift cards will then be emailed directly to your recipients.

With us, you benefit from the same easy process regardless of the volume of rewards gift cards being ordered and sent:

  • Simple ordering process — Thanks to our powerful, intuitive plug-and-play platform, ordering and distributing eGift rewards for your business couldn’t be easier. Spend less time and effort on sourcing and purchasing rewards and more on driving your business forward.
  • Speedy delivery — After placing your order, your eGift rewards will be sent to your recipients within seconds. What’s more, you have the option to personalize rewards with customizable messaging and templates.
  • Scalable — Whatever the size of your business or current reward or incentive program, scaling is easy with Runa. Enjoy the same simple process no matter how many rewards are sent.

Send rewards gift cards at scale with our powerful API

With modern gift card APIs, distributing bulk eGift rewards at scale is quick and easy. Thanks to our dynamic, reliable API, you can transform the way your business does rewards. With one convenient platform and hundreds of handy features, your business will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Quick and easy integration — Connecting to our API is quick and easy. With the help of a web-developer resource, the whole process can be completed within 1—2 weeks.
  • Feature-rich online portal — User-friendly features allow you to choose how to send your cards, access reward reports, and more with minimum fuss.
  • Personalized rewards — With a huge range of API customization options, creating a personalized gift experience for your recipients is easy.

Rewards gift cards made easy with Runa 

Whether you’re looking to recognize hard-working employees, retain valued customers or drive new revenue to your business, our innovative platform provides direct access to the globe’s largest digital network of digital incentives, opening up a whole new world of gift card flexibility and choice.

We’ve helped a range of leading businesses and service providers transform the way they manage eGift rewards for their employees and customers. Ready to learn more about how we can help your business implement and manage a successful reward program?
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