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An overview of corporate gift cards

An overview of corporate gift cards

Corporate gift cards 101

Whether you’re looking to build customer loyalty or show appreciation to employees, corporate gift cards are the perfect way to send rewards digitally.

Throughout the incentives economy, global brands trust Runa for seamless and cost-effective corporate gifting. In addition to real-time redemption tracking and international support, the Runa platform includes countless value-adding features, which we'll outline in a minute...

Here’s what businesses should know about gift cards for corporate use.

How do corporate gift cards work?

When an organization wants to thank an employee, show appreciation to an entire department, or run a customer-focused promotional campaign, they may choose to send gift cards for a popular brand or restaurant like Panera, Nike, or Barnes & Noble.

In the process, they can deliver more meaningful rewards and recognition to the people driving their success. By using an innovative digital gift card platform like Runa, you can seamlessly send incentives to individuals and groups. As each recipient redeems their reward, Runa’s centralized reporting dashboard keeps you in-the-know.

Advantages of using Runa

Runa is the perfect companion for HR and marketing teams alike. Not surprisingly, finance teams love Runa too.

Using the Runa platform, you can:

  • Select gift cards from your choice of over 1,000 brands throughout 26 countries
  • Upload bulk lists of customers or employees to reward
  • Give recipients the chance to choose a reward through Runa Select
  • Write personalized messages to outstanding employees or affiliates
  • Send a digital gift card through email, text, and more

Every step of the way, Runa’s versatile API is designed to handle as much or as little volume as you need.

Build customer loyalty and increase employee happiness

When an employee or affiliate receives a surprise gift recognizing their contributions, morale and retention skyrocket. Likewise, customers and affiliates don’t forget the time a company took notice of them by sending them a gift card.

As you launch campaigns and build your reputation, you can keep track of your redemption rate as well as which corporate gift cards are most popular. In turn, you can make more informed decisions regarding which eGift card to send and when to send it.

How integrations save time and optimize processes

Whether you’re purchasing eGift cards at any sort of significant scale, having a streamlined fulfillment platform is essential.

Instead of spending hours selecting each recipient, you can simply upload a spreadsheet or download bulk digital gift card links. With Runa, there’s no need to order hundreds of physical gift cards. You can send individual gift cards in under a minute, if need be. Ultimately, Runa empowers organizations to send gift cards with ease and make a lasting impression without wasting time.

See Runa in action

Imagine the pleasant surprise on an employee’s face after (automatically) receiving a gift card on their birthday or work anniversary. Or, think about how many new customers you could reach through a referral program where gift cards are fulfilled through integrations.

No matter how you decide to use Runa, the entire gift card experience will improve for both you and your recipients.

How to get started with Runa

Are you ready to take your corporate gift card program to the next level?

Get a demo of Runa today and find out why top brands worldwide trust Runa for seamless gift card management.