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How to Easily Order Bulk Visa Prepaid Cards Through Gift Card Management Software

How to Easily Order Bulk Visa Prepaid Cards Through Gift Card Management Software

Whether you’re looking to launch a small employee gift program or a larger-scale incentive or total rewards program, bulk Visa prepaid cards make the perfect gift choice in more ways than one.

Importance of employee gifts and rewards.

These days, more than ever, employees want to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Standard compensation and benefits packages are insufficient to attract and retain top talent in the modern competitive market.

An increasing number of businesses and employers are turning to employee gift programs to attract new talent and to help drive appreciation, performance, and engagement among their teams. Doing so can go a long way toward helping the business achieve important goals.

Employee gifts can help:  

  • Increase engagement People like to know their hard work is being noticed and appreciated. Employee rewards and incentives such as digital Visa prepaid cards effortlessly help increase team engagement and productivity.  
  • Improve morale Employee gifts can provide a much-needed boost to employee morale. It goes without saying that if your team members feel supported and appreciated, they’ll be more inclined to do their best on behalf of your business.
  • Increase revenue — Hardworking employees are the backbone of any business. With this in mind, businesses that provide employee rewards and incentives generally enjoy higher financial success. 
  • Improve retention rates — When team members feel recognized and valued, they are far less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Thoughtful yet versatile employee gifts, such as Visa prepaid cards, are an optimal way to demonstrate your appreciation.
  • Increase brand awareness — A successful reward or incentive program won’t remain quiet for long! In fact, it increases awareness of your business and brand, helping you attract new talent to your door. 

How bulk Visa prepaid cards work

A truly versatile prepaid product, digital Visa prepaid cards can generally be redeemed wherever Visa cards are accepted. They can be added to a digital wallet for in-store, online, phone, and mail-order purchases. 

For convenience, Visa prepaid cards for employees are loaded with a predetermined amount of funds before being sent to your recipients. They can be used for ongoing purchases until those funds are spent.

What’s more, digital Visa prepaid cards come with no bank account requirements, and they don’t need to be stored. They can simply be ordered and sent to your chosen recipients as and when required!

Here’s how it works:

  • The card purchaser determines the card’s value when ordering. After payment has been processed, the card is emailed to the recipient, who can access it via a secure hyperlink.
  • Purchase amounts are deducted from the card's balance until there is no remaining value. The recipient can quickly and easily view purchase history and the remaining balance via a secure online portal.
  • Visa prepaid cards can be issued and redeemed in USD and CAD. 

Why employees love visa prepaid cards?

There are many reasons why digital Visa prepaid cards are the employee gift of choice. Here’s what makes it such a popular reward:  

  • Versatility and choice — Just about everyone loves receiving a gift card. And when that gift card allows your recipient to select from multiple retailers, the feeling is only amplified. A highly versatile reward, Visa prepaid cards truly give your recipients the power of choice. What better way to show your employees that their contributions are recognized and valued?
  •  Highly practical Prepaid products such as Visa prepaid cards are a highly practical choice for employee gifts. No matter your recipient's style, taste, or the card's value, they’re sure to find a good use for this practical gift. Gone are the days of hunting for the perfect employee gift. A Visa prepaid card is sure to delight even the most discerning recipients.
  • International reach Digital Visa prepaid cards from Runa can be used freely across the US and Canada. They can also be redeemed in other countries worldwide, though certain restrictions and fees may apply, depending on the region.

The ultimate in choice and flexibility

When it comes to choice and flexibility, you simply can’t go past bulk Visa prepaid cards for your next employee gift program. With this type of reward, you’re truly giving your employees a world of choice. Whether it’s for shopping online at their favorite retailer, paying for food and drinks at a favorite restaurant, or simply buying gas or paying bills, the Visa Prepaid Card is a gift that’s guaranteed to please. 

With this level of choice — as well as increased levels of convenience, safety, and security — digital Visa prepaid cards go a long way in improving the shopping experience for all who receive them.

Aligning employee gifts with work values

Now, more than ever, employees are placing great emphasis on their work values. Finding employment that aligns with these values and brings a sense of fulfillment and achievement is becoming more important for many around the globe. If an employee doesn’t feel fulfilled in their role — or if they feel that there is little incentive to perform at their best — chances are they’ll search elsewhere for a position that better speaks to their values.

When it comes to retaining talent in your business, understanding your employees’ work values — and appropriately rewarding hard work and performance — is vital. Incentives and rewards need to be thought out clearly. Rather than a generic, ill-thought reward, it needs to be the type of gift that people actually want to receive, one that aligns with their values and will incentivize them to continue performing at their best.

When you choose Visa prepaid cards for your employee rewards and incentives, you can be sure that you’re choosing a gift that will be widely appreciated. This will go a long way in keeping your employees satisfied and incentivized to help drive your business forward. What’s not to love?

Visa prepaid cards and total rewards program 

For businesses looking to implement a total rewards program, digital Visa prepaid cards from Runa offer the ideal choice of reward — for both your business and your recipients — in more ways than one:

  • Simple ordering process — Thanks to our powerful yet intuitive gift card platform, ordering Visa prepaid cards for employees is both quick and easy. No matter the volume of cards required, it can all be done with just a few simple clicks.
  • Fast delivery — After placing your order, the Visa prepaid cards will be securely delivered to your recipient's inbox within seconds. You can also personalize your gift with customizable email templates!
  • Secure spendingUnlike the physical variety, digital Visa prepaid cards can’t be stolen or misplaced. This creates a safer, more secure spending experience for your recipients.
  • ScalableWith Runa you have the option to scale your total rewards program with ease. No matter the size of your business or teams, sending digital Visa prepaid cards at scale is made easy with us.

Bulk Visa prepaid cards for employee gifts

There’s no doubt that the need to recruit and retain talent is a top priority for employers across the board in today's job market. No matter the time of year, businesses that reward and incentivize their employees with meaningful gifts generally enjoy improved performance and higher retention rates.

An increasing number of businesses and service providers are turning to prepaid products such as Visa prepaid cards to streamline their handling of employee gifts and improve their ROI.

Employers who use Runa to power their employee gift programs enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Full automation — Our dynamic gift card API handles all data involved in the processing of your Visa prepaid cards.
  • Time-saving — With us, ordering and sending employee gifts can be done within just a few moments.
  • Easy reporting — Our platform enables easy monitoring of card redemptions, so you can find out what’s being spent and what’s not.

Bulk visa prepaid cards are made simple with out powerful API 

With the help of modern, reliable gift card APIs, ordering and sending bulk Visa prepaid cards for employees is made easier than ever. With Runa’s powerful API, your business will be well on the way to implementing and managing an effective incentive or total rewards program.

How does it work? It’s simple. On joining Runa, you arrange for a web developer to have the gift card interface connected to your internal system. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks in total. Once complete, you’ll be able to order, send and track Visa prepaid cards for your employees — all through the one centralized platform, and all with ultimate ease.

With all data being managed by our single, dynamic API, you’ll soon be spending less time and resources sourcing employee gifts and more time driving your business forward. With Runa’s API, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Simple integration process Connecting to our API is a smooth, hassle-free experience. What’s more, our developer-friendly platform enables you to explore, develop and test your application as often as needed.
  • Feature-rich portal — With our full-feature portal, you can quickly and easily choose how to send your cards, download all URLs, and access needed reports.
  • Speedy delivery Thanks to a super fast API automation process, ordering and sending Visa prepaid cards is as quick and hassle-free as sending an email.
  • Personalized experiences — Looking to add a personal touch to your employee gifts? Our range of customization options makes this easy, including email templates, order descriptions, and delivery formats.

How to order bulk visa prepaid cards

At Runa, we’ve made the process of ordering bulk digital Visa prepaid cards for employees easy. Our user-friendly, intuitive gift card platform allows you to purchase and send prepaid products, such as Visa prepaid cards at scale, with just a few clicks.

With us, you’ll not only save time in manually sourcing gifts, but you’ll also save on the activation fees that normally go hand-in-hand with prepaid cards purchased through retailers.

The best part? You benefit from the same easy process whether you’re sending one or one thousand Visa prepaid cards! Here’s how it works:

  • Simply log in to our secure platform and check that there are sufficient funds for the value and quantity you’d like to send. If not, adding funds to your account is a simple process.
  • Next, select your desired card values and the quantities and denominations. Choose to send the cards yourself by downloading a CSV file containing the necessary links or have us send them on your behalf. Then, place the order! It’s as simple as that.

Once your order is confirmed, the Visa prepaid cards will be emailed to your employees within seconds. Could there be a quicker, easier way to reward the people that matter most to your business?

If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free way to order and send Visa prepaid cards for your employees, look no further than Runa. With a stack of features, including reduced pricing and flexibility options, it’s little wonder that some of the world’s leading organizations use Runa to drive their incentive and reward programs.

Show your valued employees how much they are appreciated with a gift they’re sure to love a digital Visa prepaid card from Runa. A truly versatile employee gift option, Visa prepaid cards remove the hassle and stress of organizing rewards and gifts for your teams. What better way to reward and incentivize your people than with a prepaid card that can be redeemed wherever Visa is accepted?

Keen to learn more about how your business can get started ordering and sending Visa prepaid cards in bulk? Get in touch to arrange a free Runa demo today!