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Holiday Gifting Made Easy: Benefits of Visa Prepaid Cards for Employees & Customers

Visa Prepaid Cards: Streamlining Your Business's Holiday Gift-Giving

Need holiday gift ideas for your valued employees or customers? Take the stress, burden, and guesswork out of the equation with digital Visa prepaid cards. A truly versatile holiday gifting option, Visa prepaid cards offer your recipients the power of choice when it comes to selecting their ideal gift — what better way to reward the people who matter most to your business?

With the help of a digital gift card platform such as Runa, sending Visa prepaid cards for the holidays is made easy. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the many benefits of using Visa prepaid cards as your holiday gift solution, but first, let’s start with the basics.

What are Visa prepaid cards, and how do they work? 

Visa prepaid cards are prepaid or stored-value cards that can generally be used wherever Visa is accepted. Digital Visa prepaid cards can be redeemed for online, phone, and mail order purchases, as well as in-store purchases via a digital wallet. 

Similar to other prepaid cards, the Visa prepaid card is pre-loaded with funds before it is given to its recipient and can be used for purchases until there are no remaining funds on the card. With this type of card, there’s no need for a bank account, making it an ideal solution for businesses needing a quick and convenient holiday gifting solution. 

What’s more, digital Visa prepaid cards don’t need to be stored — they can be sent by businesses as and when needed and tracked with ease. Here’s a quick rundown of how Visa prepaid cards work:

  • The purchaser determines the card’s value at the time of purchase. With Runa, the card is emailed to the recipient via a secure hyperlink, which leads to a secure site displaying the card details.
  • Each time the recipient makes a purchase, the value is simply deducted from the card's balance — unlike traditional credit cards, Visa prepaid cards do not come with a line of credit. The recipient can easily view their purchase history and current balance via the secure online portal.
  • Visa prepaid cards can be redeemed with ease in multiple countries worldwide. For convenience, digital Visa prepaid cards from Runa are issued in both USD and CAD. 

Why choose Visa prepaid cards for the holidays

There are many reasons to choose the convenience of Visa prepaid cards for the holidays — businesses and recipients alike! Holiday gifts can be notoriously difficult to get right, particularly if you’re a business dealing with a diverse base of employees and customers, and more so if those employees and customers are spread across the globe. 

A Visa prepaid card is the ultimate holiday reward — the reward that is sure to please everyone. And thanks to Runa, sending bulk Visa prepaid cards for the holidays has never been simpler. Our user-friendly platform allows you to buy Visa prepaid cards at scale, with ultimate ease. Not only will you save on the time it takes to order prepaid cards manually, but you’ll also save on the activation fees that often accompany prepaid cards purchased through retail stores. 

With Runa, you enjoy the same simple process — and benefits — whether you’re ordering one or thousands of Visa prepaid cards!

What can Visa prepaid cards be used for?

The sky's truly the limit when it comes to Visa prepaid cards — and this is what makes them such a popular choice of holiday gift. Your recipient can use their Visa prepaid card wherever Visa cards are accepted, in multiple countries around the globe. Whether it’s to fund a boutique dress, a nifty gadget, food, drinks, or something else, the Visa prepaid card is a gift that’s sure to delight even the fussiest recipient. 

Digital Visa prepaid cards ultimately improve the shopping experience for your recipients by affording them an unparalleled level of choice in their spending and increased levels of safety, security, and convenience! 

Visa prepaid gift cards: The ultimate holiday gift solution 

There can be little doubt that the best holiday gift is the gift the recipient wants and one that arrives on time! Visa prepaid cards tick both of these boxes with ease. Here’s what makes the Visa prepaid card the ultimate holiday gift — for both your business and your recipients:

  • Easy ordering process — With Runa, ordering Visa prepaid cards for the holiday season is quick and simple — it can be done within a few steps. After adding funds to your account, simply select the number of cards required, as well as the value of the cards, and place your order! 
  • Instant delivery — With us, you can be sure that your holiday gifts will be received on time — after your order is placed, the prepaid cards will be delivered to your recipient’s inbox within seconds. What’s more, the gift can be personalized with a customizable email template. 
  • Freedom of choice — When it comes to flexibility, Visa prepaid cards are the ultimate choice of holiday gift. Not only will your recipients be able to choose what they want wherever Visa is accepted in multiple countries around the world — they can do so online, in-store, or via mail and phone. 
  • Secure spending — Unlike physical cards, digital Visa prepaid cards can’t be lost or stolen. They can also be tracked and don’t need a bank account for use. 

Visa prepaid cards for employee gifts 

In today’s ultra-competitive and tight job market, attracting and retaining top talent is becoming increasingly important for employers. Many businesses are now recognizing the value of employee bonuses and are turning to employee retention and recognition programs to reward their teams.

What better time than the holiday season to reward your team with the gifts that they want to receive? When you choose Visa prepaid cards as your employee holiday gift, you’ll not only be placing smiles on the faces of your valued employees but also saving your business valuable time and effort in sourcing gifts manually. 

A growing number of service providers around the globe are using Visa prepaid cards to simplify the way they handle employee gifts and bonuses and increase their ROI while doing so. Here are some of the benefits enjoyed by businesses using Visa prepaid cards for their employee bonuses:

  • Time efficient — It takes only seconds to send Visa prepaid cards globally, no matter the volume being sent.
  • Ease of reporting — Our platform allows you to keep tabs on your card redemptions, so you can easily see what’s being spent and what’s not.
  • Customized experiences — Deliver a personalized holiday gift experience to your recipients with our range of customization options, including order description, email template, and delivery format.

Send gift cards to anyone with Runa’s powerful API 

Thanks to modern and reliable gift card issuing APIs, it’s never been easier for businesses to manage and send Visa prepaid cards for the holidays. With Runa’s API, you’ll have access to a huge range of holiday gift cards, including Visa prepaid cards, paving the way for your business to implement an effective customer or employee gift program.

The process is simple. After joining Runa, you connect the gift card interface to your internal system. This usually takes 1—2 weeks to complete and is most often carried out by a web developer. After the integration is complete, you’ll be able to sell, track, reload and redeem Visa Prepaid Cards through one handy platform with ultimate ease.

A single API manages all data involved in processing the cards — this means less time and fuss spent sourcing holiday gifts and more time spent running your business. What’s not to love?

With our intuitive API, your business will benefit from: 

  • Full-feature portal — Our feature-rich portal allows you to choose how to send cards and download all required URLs and easily access reports.
  • Simple integration — Connecting your business to our API is a seamless experience. Our developer-friendly platform allows you to develop, test, and explore your application as often as you like. 
  • Quick delivery — Thanks to our super quick API automation, ordering and delivering holiday gift cards is as quick and simple as sending an email.

Holiday gifts are easy with Visa prepaid cards and Runa 

Are you ready to revolutionize your holiday gift program — and delight the people that matter most — with the help of Visa prepaid cards? With Runa, the process is made easy. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform gives your business instant access to a huge range of digital gift cards, including Visa prepaid cards for the holidays. 

To keep things simple, our platform scales effortlessly to meet your business's evolving needs — meaning you benefit from the same easy process, sending one or one million Visa prepaid cards.

Like to learn more about how you can get started sending Visa prepaid cards for the holidays with Runa? Contact us to arrange a free demo today!