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Gift card management software for businesses

Gift card management software for businesses

Gift card management 101

Digital gift cards are a great way for companies to recognize their customers and staff.

Versatile and reliable, they can help mark any number of occasions.

But what should you look for in a digital gift card management program?

Launching a corporate gift card program

For businesses, the benefits of gift card programs are expansive. Whether you're a marketer rewarding your most loyal customers, or an HR team member celebrating an employee achievement, a corporate gift card program can elevate your business.

Gift cards are an aGift cards are an appealing choice when you don't know what else to buy. And while most business owners recognize their value, few people know how to introduce gift cards into their rewards program.

This is where selecting the right gift card management service comes in. The best programs allow companies to choose from vendors that align with their brand, offer secure processing and distribution, and give back to the people who support their business.

What is a digital gift card management service?

A digital gift card management service lets companies oversee their entire gift card program all in one place.

Shameless plug: Runa is an industry-leading gift card management software. Schedule a demo to find out how it works - we'd love to give you the scoop.

Your company's gift card program should feature rewards that are flexible, inviting, and easy to redeem. While this may sound simple, not all businesses make the effort to keep on top of the latest tech. An electronic gift card system is 100% virtual, making it ideal for employees and customers who prefer to shop online.

Here's the thing: brands need to entice their audiences with a range of experiences. A digital gift card management service will connect your acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs with proven tools. These platforms are designed to streamline the gifting process, put the recipient in the driver's seat of their loyalty and rewards experience, and help companies refine their approach to gift card management.

Not only that, but digital gift card management services are designed to increase security and reduce the risk of fraud. While a physical gift card can be stolen, a virtual gift card is substantially more secure. Plus, it's important to note that some scammers use gift cards to attract potential targets. Reliable software (like Runa) can put an end to this with thorough security processes.

Cost, choice, and usability all play a role in companies’ gift card programs. To find the right solution for your needs, you'll want to focus on these elements. From there, you'll be well on your way to finding the right gift card management system.

What to look for in gift card management software

So you've decided to scale your gift card management program using a platform or API...

But before you take that leap, be sure you know what to look for. Your eGift card management solution should have:


  • Reporting can quickly identify fraud or misuse, reducing your liability. 


  • Tracking redemptions offers insight into which brands each recipient likes most. This is a powerful tool where gift card sales are concerned.


  • Find a provider with a powerful gift card API, and get ready to scale your company's gift card program to new heights.

A vast catalogue

  • What if you could choose from hundreds of brands? Consumers have varied tastes, from Starbucks, the latest big-name retailer to visa prepaid cards.

An end-user focus

  • The most popular gift card software programs cater to the end user, promoting instant gratification and meaningful relationships.

A global presence

  • Reward your people from anywhere! No more cash or credit card: find a gift card solution that supports multiple currencies and languages.

With a robust API and access to more than 700 digital gift card products, Runa could be the gift card management solution you've been waiting for. The platform is designed to make it easier for companies to purchase and send gift cards at scale, while creating a seamless experience for recipients.

Using Runa to manage your corporate gift card program

Runa lets users buy and distribute digital gift cards instantly and automatically. The platform lists hundreds of brands across 26 countries, from big names like Amazon and Nike, to Runa exclusives like Ted Baker.

So whether you're a human resources manager sending out employee rewards, or a marketer tackling customer acquisition, you can use Runa to streamline the ordering and fulfillment of all your digital gift cards.

Let's say you want to send a single gift card for easy redemption. The process is as simple as choosing a retailer, typing the recipient's email, selecting a template, and entering the gift card balance and expiration date.

You can also send gift cards in bulk by uploading an Excel spreadsheet of people you'd like to reward. Companies can even choose to download eGift card links in bulk and embed them wherever makes sense: in a client email, via chat to thank an employee, or in an email marketing campaign.

The Runa's "select" feature lets recipients decide which brand they want access to. Plus, users can instantly generate order reports. Unlike with traditional gift cards, you'll never have to keep your finance team waiting.

If your business is looking to implement a digital gift card management solution, Runa is here to help.

Get a demo of Runa today to see how it works.