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Best gift card apps in 2022

Best gift card apps in 2022

Gift card apps you should know about

When choosing a gift card app for your business, you may wonder about the advantages of using a full desktop platform instead of a mobile app.

Is a desktop software app worth the investment for your level of use?

Is it better to have the flexibility of an app you can use on-the-go? What other features are necessary to get the most out of your reward programs?

When making decisions about the best solution, it helps to consider a few key questions:

  • How much money does my company intend on spending on gift cards over next quarter or year?
  • How many users will be sending gifts cards through a desktop or mobile app?
  • Of those users, how many primarily work in the field versus in an office or from home?
  • How much reporting will I need for my gift card campaigns?
  • What sort of detailed financial reporting will my company need from the app?
  • Will I need the ability to offer reward cards or store credit for loyal customers?

Let's take a look at some of the options for both desktop and mobile gift card management providers to help you choose the best option for your organization.

Gift card apps for desktop

A desktop gift card app offers the benefit of flexibility and power for running gift card programs of any variety and scale. With a desktop-based gift card app, users can log in to a platform and quickly accomplish the tasks they need to get done. The advanced processing power also allows for more in-depth analysis and reporting features than might be available through a mobile interface.

For those processing a large volume of gift cards, a desktop platform empowers you to be fully informed on the performance of your gift card programs and identify opportunities to improve your future campaigns using the data surfaced.

What desktop gift card apps and platforms are available?

For those in search of a desktop app, there are plenty of options out there. Gift card management platforms have swiftly evolved over the past few decade, offering improved features, unused card balance recapture, ever-expanding reporting features, and enterprise-class customer and end-user service and support.


Obviously we're a little biased here, but we believe Runa’s robust platform, plug-and-play gift card API, expansive catalog of eGift card partner options, and top-notch customer support enables companies to take complete advantage of the power and flexibility of a desktop solution.

In addition, our extensive reporting and analysis features allow users to continuously improve their gift card incentive programs. With Runa, you can even recapture the value of expired gift cards, putting more money back into your pocket.

If you're looking for a provider with access to tons of brands and an easy-to-use platform, then Runa is here to help. Schedule a demo of our platform today to learn more. 


In search of a fast and reliable app to order physical gift cards in bulk? Omnicard, a company powered by Blackhawk Network, offers fast delivery of retail cards, Visa gift cards, and MasterCard gift cards for use in your employee and customer appreciation programs.

Cards can be customized to reflect the branding of the issuing company. Though the company primarily focuses on branded physical cards with speedy delivery, they also offer access to digital gift cards and OmniCodes. These codes spend just like cash, and can be used to purchase any reward the recipient chooses.


GiftFly allows merchants of all sizes to cash in on the power of gift cards, create leads, and reward good customers. While this company takes a slightly different approach to eGift card sales, they offer their customers and end users the opportunity to create impactful gifting experiences tailored to a localized audience.

The service is free for merchants looking to create customized gift cards and digital offers. A small convenience fee paid by end-users at the time of purchase allows businesses to harness the power of gift cards, no matter what stage of the journey they're on.


As one of the early pioneers of the gift card sales movement, Gyft has the distinction of a diverse product offering. The company focuses on offering omni-channel solutions to its customers, and a selection of over 200 available gift cards. The company features a hybrid approach to the platform itself, with both desktop and mobile applications available.

They have further diversified their offering by focusing on other related verticals, including payment optimization, security and fraud protection, and alternative credit data options. The focus for this organization is on creating gift card offer opportunities while serving as an online venue for consumers looking to buy digital gift cards.

What mobile gift card apps are available?

For those on the go, the flexibility of a mobile gift card app can offer a strong benefit. While mobile apps may in some cases lack the reporting and analytical horsepower of their desktop-based counterparts, sometimes freedom of movement can be considered a worthwhile feature. These app options can be accessed through the Google Play or Apple app store to be used on iPhone, iPad, Android, or through the mobile web.

The mobile app is primarily focused on the consumer side of purchasing gift cards - e.g. people buying gift cards here and there for friends and family. The company focuses on physical gift cards, personalized using favorite photos and unique messaging right on the card. So if you want to get Grandma a gift card with a family picture on it - this is the app you'll want to use. The website emphasizes the customization features that are bound to surprise and delight recipients. Must be why their slogan is "make 'em smile."


The Raise mobile app gives customers access to the same partner affiliations and payment options found in other platforms. But one of the main distinctions of Raise over competitors is the ability to run fundraisers using branded credit cards. Raise app users can also receive discounts on their cards when buying in bulk, making this an attractive option for smaller businesses, or organizations raising funds for charitable causes.


Another popular option for mobile gift cards is CardSnacks. This company features hassle-free giving for consumers who would like to personalize the experience further for their recipients. CardSnacks also offers the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the giving process using text, video, animations, etc. So if you want to send a Cameo-like message (along with a gift card) to someone for a special occasion, this is the app for you.

For corporate customers, the company offers advanced features such as send automation, personalization using text, font, images, and sound/music, all with a bunch of leading retail card partners that you'd expect to see.

Ready to get started with a gift card app?

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